Health Benefits of Paratha for Breakfast

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Practically everybody knows bread. And Paratha is a another type of bread that has its own uniqueness. Paratha is a type of flat bread that originated in the Indian subcontinent, which mean it is a common type of bread in Pakistan, India, and Nepal. Now, Paratha has become one of the most popular type of flat bread worldwide.

Since it’s a whole wheat bread, Paratha is usually served in breakfast, along with varieties of stuffing like potatoes, beans, leafy vegetables, and so on. If you’re looking for another alternative for breakfast other than Parathas, go check out the other Indian food, Health Benefits of Poha!

Since it’s popular, it’s better for us to know the health benefits of Paratha. Hera are the health benefits and nutritional value of Paratha:

Nutritional Value of Paratha (per piece)

  • Calorie 260
  • Carbs 37 g
  • Fat 10 g
  • Protein 5 g
  • Sodium 350 mg
  • Dietary Fiber 3 g

Based on the data provided by My Fitness Pal, a piece of Paratha contains small amount of nutrients. But its Calorie is quite decent. Based on that data, here are the benefits of consuming Paratha.

The recommended serving of Paratha are two pieces per serving. This is meant if you’re using the Paratha as the main source of carbs in your food.

But if you already consumed other carbs then it is not recommended to take some parathas too. If you are a breakfast person and is currently bored of Parathas, try out the healthy alternative of  Benefits of Puri Bhaji.

Benefits of Paratha

Paratha is a type of bread that is made from whole wheat, so it’s not surprising that it has a high amount of carbs and calorie. This is why Paratha could be your nice companion for breakfast. It can give you quite a boost of energy to start your day. Just add a bit of sauteed vegetables and your Paratha is good to go.

The carbs on Paratha is also your body’s main source energy. It helps your major organs like brain and kidney to work properly. A carbohydrate-deficient diet may cause headaches, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, nausea, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So it’s important to get the right amount of carbs in your diet.

Paratha’s Sodium content is also high, so it may benefited people with low blood pressure. The Sodium can help the regulate the blood pressure so that it does’t go too low. Sodium is also important to help our nerve system. It helps our nerves sends impulses effectively.

Cautions for Consuming Paratha

Paratha is a type of bread, so if it’s consumed regularly on high amounts, the excess of carbs you got can lead you to Diabetes. Some of carbs are converted to glucose, and some other are stored in our body for when the body need energy when there’s no carbs yet.

But if too much glucose from the carbs enter the bloodstream, it may disturbed your insulin and in the long run would cause Diabetes. If you have Diabetes, you can try the health benefits of Khaman Dokla because it has fewer carbs than Paratha.

To prevent this, we have to limit our intake of carbs gained from processed carbs that came from foods like white bread and sugar, which is called simple carbs. This kind of carbs enter your bloodstream rapidly and instantly provides energy, but it easily wears out and make us hungry easier.

So the alternative is to get the complex carbs, which we can obtain from fruits, vegetables, and brown rice, oats, and many more. Unlike simple carbs, complex carbs enters your bloodstream in a steady state after you eat the food. This makes the glucose from the carbs enter our bloodstream gradually, not instantly.

And that makes the energy we get from the food to be retained longer, thus making us not easily get hungry again. Another Indian snack that is made of whole wheat flour is Litti Chokka.

And that is all about the benefits of Paratha and its recommendations and warnings for people who loves this kind of Indian bread. Be sure to check our other article on Health Benefits of Medu Vada and Health Benefits of Samosas too to satisfy your love of Indian food. See you on our next article!