The Health Benefits of Khaman Dokla – Tasty Indian Snack

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Sama as Benefits of Vada Pav, Khaman Dokla is another type of Indian snack that has gained popularity because of its unique taste.

Khaman Dokla is a type of sliced steamed cake that originated from Gujarat, India. Same as other Indian snack like Health Benefits of Aloo Tikki, Khhaman Dokla has become an alternative for people that tries to consume less amount of fast or junk food.

Khaman Dokla has gained its popularities since it is commonly served at birthday party and as breakfast. The uniqueness of this snack is that not also it tastes sweet, but it also tastes spicy and savory.

Here are now the health benefits of Khaman Dokla and its nutritional value:

Nutritional Value of Khaman Dokla (per slice)

  • Calorie 19
  • Carbs 11 g
  • Fat 8 g
  • Protein 1 g
  • Sodium 519 mg
  • Dietary Fiber 2 g

Based on the data provided by My Fitness Pal, a slice of Khaman Dokla contains small amount of nutrients. But it does have one compound that is significantly higher than the other.

It is the amount of Sodium. Sodium is an electrolyte that is essential for us, and could easily be gotten from regular kitchen salt.

Benefits of Khaman Dokla

Since Khaman Dokla has a high concentration of Sodium, people that have low blood pressure can benefit from consuming this snack. It makes sure your blood level to not goes lower than the standard pressure.

The Sodium in Khaman Dokla could also help your nerve system works efficiently. Sodium is important for your body because it helps your nerves to send impulses all over your body.

And finally, sodium is important to balance fluid in your body. Sodium binds liquid, so your blood doesn’t get too runny. It’s not good if it does, because it makes you feel sluggish and disoriented.

The recommendation for consuming this snack is around 2 to 3 slices a day, but it’s not suggested to keep consuming it on a daily basis.

Cautions of consuming Khaman Dokla

While it has its own benefits, the high amount of Sodium in Khaman Dokla could also harm your health. But of course, only if you consume it in high amount of serving.

Its high Sodium content is definitely bad for people who have high blood pressure. The sodium would increase the person’s already high blood pressure, and thus creating higher risk of heart and blood related disease, like heart attack and Polycythemia, the opposite of Anemia. If you’re looking for other healthier Indian snack, be sure to read our article on the benefits of consuming Pav Bhaji.

Khaman Dokla also have low nutrient compounds, so it’s okay to consume it as snacks, but strongly not recommended to consume it as daily food, especially for children since they need the optimum supply of vitamins for their body and brain development. If you’re looking for another type of Indian snack, check our article on Health Benefits of Kachori to broaden your knowledge on Indian cuisine!

And that is all about the benefits of Khaman Dokla and its recommendations and warnings for people who loves Indian snacks. Be sure to check our other article on Health Benefits of Bhel Puri and Health Benefits of Aloo Tikki too to satisfy your love of Indian food. See you on our next article!