Benefits of Kumquats Diabetes Treatment – Tasty and Healthy Snack

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Kumquats are one of the healthy solutions for diabetic patients who are craving for snacks. During the season, kumquats may be beneficial for diabetes treatments because there are a lot of qualities of this type of citrus that suit the condition of diabetic patients. For those who don’t know about kumquats, this fruit is comes from citrus family with scientific name Citrus japonica. Recently this fruit is well known to be good for diabetes treatment though there are a lot of health benefits of kumquats you should know as well because this fruit is super healthy and nutritious.

Why Kumquats Are Good for Diabetes?

A person who has been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes should always manage their immunity system, control their appetite and consuming foods low of glycemic index. Kumquats are rich of vitamin C benefits to boost immunity system, packed with fiber called nectin to suppress the appetite and make you full longer and also one of the types of food with low glycemic index. Well, those are only some benefits of kumquats for diabetes treatments and the list below will give you the information in details.

  1. Packed with Vitamin C

There are a lot of vitamins C benefits for diabetic patients. First, vitamin C will help optimizing the calcium absorption which is essential for patients with diabetes. Second, vitamin C could help maintain the health system to prevent severe conditions caused by diabetic condition.

  1. Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Vitamin C, beta-carotene and polyphenols are common compounds found in all citrus family including kumquats. Antioxidants will help fighting free radicals and prevent oxidative stress and reduce the risk of diabetes.

  1. Supports Immunity System

Having excellent immunity system for diabetic patients is a must. Vitamin C and antioxidants like health benefits of beta-carotene and polyphenols are excellent immunity booster.

  1. High Fiber Content

Just like any citrus family, kumquats are also high in fiber, especially nectin. Nectin found in the soft skin covering the pulp as well as in the peels. That is why eating kumquats are better when you consume it along with its peel.

  1. Solution to Manage the Appetite

One of the problems commonly face by diabetic patients is really hard to control their appetite. As mentioned in the previous point, nectin in kumquats will help suppressing the appetite because it will make you feel full longer.

  1. Has Low Glycemic Index

Consuming foods or fruits with low glycemic index is one of the highly recommended types of diet for diabetic patients. Unlike most of foods with glycemic index, kumquats are super tasty and healthy.

  1. Contains Zero Cholesterol

Those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes are in high risk of cholesterol. However, consuming foods that lower cholesterol level like kumquats is good as part of natural treatment.

  1. Low Sodium Content

Sodium is one of the trigger of heart attack. When your body is excessive of sodium content, some heart conditions are likely to happen. In diabetic patients the risk of heart problems and symptoms of high blood pressure becomes higher.

  1. Good Weight Management

One of the health risks of obesity is type 2 diabetes. Kumquats which are rich of fiber and vitamin C are excellent solution for weight management and fight obesity.

  1. Lower Fasting Blood Sugar

Some scientific studies also found out that consuming the extract of kumquats are possible in lowering the fasting blood sugar.

  1. Controls Blood Lipid Level

What do you know about blood lipid level? Blood lipid or fat found in blood could be in the form of cholesterol or triglycerides and when the level is high conditions like heart attack or stroke are likely to happen.

  1. Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure

As mentioned in some points above kumquats are rich of fiber and vitamin C as well as low in sodium. Moreover, kumquats are also packed with some essential minerals like potassium and the main health benefits of potassium are super good for heart health.

  1. Improves Digestive Health

One of the main health benefits of fiber is good for digestive health. Not only that the present of nectin, one of the potent type of fiber, in kumquats are making this fruit is super excellent for diabetes treatments.

  1. Boost Energy

The lack of energy is one of the symptoms suffered by diabetic patients. That is why having an excellent source to boost energy is important. Kumquats are excellent fruits for breakfast to help boosting energy so you have enough stamina to do whatever activities in a day.

  1. Easy Snack Option for Diabetic Patients

There is no easy option when it comes to snacking for diabetic patients. However, kumquats are an easy snack option and safe to be consumed by diabetic patients in daily basis with one important note, followed by a strict diet management.

Cautions of Consuming Kumquats as Part of Diabetes Treatment

There are a lot of options of diabetes treatments you could choose today and consuming kumquats are among the treatments that are highly recommended. However, still there are some cautions you should aware as well.

  • As mentioned in the list above there are a lot of benefits of kumquats for diabetes treatment but you should also remember that kumquats are also possible high in sugar. That is why if you want to add kumquats as part of your diabetes treatment should be followed by a strict sugar diet management.
  • The best way to eat kumquats is eating them along with the peel. So it is highly recommended to purchase organic kumquats only to reduce the risk of being contaminated with dangerous chemicals. However, still washing them thoroughly using running water is highly recommended before you eat it.
  • Just like the common fruit from citrus family, kumquats could be a little bit acidic especially for you who are having weak stomach. It is also not recommended to consume kumquats in empty stomach.

Aside from the unique name, kumquats have a lot of benefits for human health. However, if you want to add this fruit as part of your diabetes treatments, consulting it with your doctors beforehand is necessary because as mentioned in the cautions, kumquats are high in sugar so dosage or amount is really matter. However, as long as you consume it in moderate amount, kumquats could be an alternative and tasty solution to deal with diabetic conditions.