10 Health Benefits of Fruit and Fibre Cereal – Healthy Breakfast Option

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Cereal is not only practical but also healthy option for breakfast. Furthermore, children love cereal so parents will always be able to provide nutritious breakfast for their children. The problem is there are so many options of cereal and children must have favorites. Chocolate and corn cereals are the common ones but parents should smart enough to choose not only delicious cereal but also type of cereal that is packed with nutrients required by children during development stage. Health benefits of Fruit and Fibre cereal are the solutions available for parents who are striving to find perfect breakfast cereal for their children.

What Is Fruit and Fibre Cereal?

Fruit and Fibre Cereal is a cereal especially produced as breakfast cereal by Kellogg’s which is well known for its tagline “Tastes So Good, You’ll Forget the Fiber”. There are a lot of similar versions of this cereal produced by various food companies but the original Fruit and Fibre from Kellogg’s consist of dried fruit, wheat flakes and hazelnuts. In one pack of Fruit and Fibre cereal you could get the combination of dried fruits such as apple, banana, coconut, sultanas and raisins. Compared to other types of cereals which are dominated by carbohydrate the selling point of Fruit and Fibre Cereal is the high amount of fiber contained in this cereal, that’s why the percentage of wheat flakes is lower than other cereal brands which is presented by the campaign tagline mentioned above.

Nutritional Values of Fruit and Fibre Cereal

The main nutritional values of Fruit and Fibre cereal is the amount of fiber contained in this cereal. Not only that, the percentage of dried fruits found in this cereal are the plus value that you could get from this breakfast cereal with enough carbohydrate from the wheat flakes. The combination is perfect as breakfast as the first and the most important meal of the day. To understand more, below is the list of health benefits of Fruit and Fibre Cereal you could provide for your family.

  1. Excellent Source of Fiber

Just like the tagline of the advertisement, Fruit and Fibre Cereal is excellent source of fiber. There are a lot of health benefits of fiber from promoting healthy cardiovascular, maintaining ideal weight, assuring healthy digestion and so on.

  1. Great for Weight Loss

As mentioned in previous point, fiber is excellent solution for weight loss. Fiber will help binding unnecessary properties, especially excessive fats and cholesterol from the intestine to be washed off from the system. Moreover, Fruit and Fibre Cereal is a bit lack of carbohydrate but the amount is enough to provide energy but not enough to be stored as fat.

  1. Contains Omega 3

Since Fruti and Fibre Cereal also contains nut, it is also an excellent source of omega 3. This omega 3 fatty acids health benefits are such as its important role in promoting optimal function of brain and for children supporting the optimal development of brain cells and nerve system during their development stage.

  1. Excellent Energy Booster

Compared to other cereal products, the amount of wheat flakes is less than the dried fruits. It means, unlike other cereal products you will get less carbohydrate if you eat Fruit and Fibre cereal. However, though it is less but compared to the fiber content you get, you still could get the health benefits of carbohydrate because the amount is enough to provide energy especially when you eat it for breakfast. You still have enough energy until lunch time.

  1. Great for Digestion

It is a common knowledge that fiber is great for digestion. Fiber improves the bowel movement and prevents constipation. Moreover, fiber will bind some unnecessary properties that may disturb the function of digestion and wash them out from the system.

  1. Good for Children Development

Fruit and Fibre Cereal is rich of fiber to make sure healthy digestion for children since digestive system is the key to their optimal development where nutrients will be absorbed optimally. The omega 3 fatty acid promotes optimal development of brain and nerve system. Combined with milk to provide calcium for stronger bones, this cereal is a perfect option for healthy breakfast.

  1. Improves Immunity

Most of dried fruits are packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C benefits is not only ensuring the optimal absorption of iron but also excellent immunity booster to protect body from infections.

  1. Good for Heart

The combinations of fiber, omega 3, healthy fat and low calories content are reasons why Fruit and Fibre Cereal is great for heart. Moreover, most of dried fruits contain potassium and the main health benefits of potassium are great for cardiovascular system which has function to eliminate the excessive amount of sodium.

  1. Promotes Healthy Bones

Dried fruit contains vitamin K that has essential role in optimizing the absorption of calcium. Calcium from the milk mixed with the cereal will be optimally absorbed due to the presence of vitamin K in dried fruit.

  1. Easy and Healthy Breakfast Option

Especially for working parents, storing Fruit and Fibre Cereal could be an easy and healthy breakfast option for their family. Moreover, children will love cereal even the ones with fruits. So, parents shouldn’t worry about the nutrients intake of their children anymore.

Cautions of Fruit and Fibre Cereal

No matter how healthy a product is processed food must have some cautions you should aware. Unfortunately, some of the cautions are not something you could take for granted. Especially for Fruit and Fibre cereal the list of cautions are as below:

  • Read the ingredients contained in the package are important. If what you need is healthy amount of dietary fiber, Fruit and Fibre Cereal is the perfect choice but you should know dried fruits mixed in the cereal contains sugars and salts as preservation. Consuming it in moderate amount is suggested.
  • When it comes to healthy lifestyle goal, fruits and vegetables are the most important foods in daily diet. Though Fruit and Fiber cereal offer practical access to fruits but still providing your family fresh fruits and vegetables are still highly recommended.
  • Cereal is great for breakfast but since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, combinations of foods are still the best option.

One more suggestion when it comes to breakfast cereal is no matter how long the list of health benefits of Fruit and Fibre Cereal is still providing real foods that required cooking process and fresh ingredients are highly recommended. Though perhaps, from now and then, adding cereal as breakfast could be a great combination for your family, especially for children who love cereal.