Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon Sorbet – Healthy Dessert

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If you cannot tolerate all the calories found in most of dessert like ice cream or cold pie but you are so into cold dessert, perhaps fruit sorbet is the best option you could have. Besides, fruit sorbet is not only healthy but also delicious and tasty. There are a lot of types of fruits that could make into sorbet and lemon sorbet is one of them. Moreover, the health benefits of lemon sorbet are more than its tasty flavor in your mouth especially after a heavy dinner.

What Is Lemon Sorbet?

Sorbet itself is just frozen water with flavoring, mostly from fruits juice or fruit puree. For lemon sorbet, it is sorbet made from lemon juice because you cannot make fruit puree from lemon. Don’t mistaken sorbet with another type of ice cream because ice cream is made from dairy product but sorbet is just another way to enjoy fruit. How to make lemon sorbet is quite simple, you just need to put lemon juice to be frozen and just right before it becomes as hard as ice, serve it using ice cream scoop.

Nutritional Values Contained in Lemon Sorbet

It is not the sorbet that makes this dessert healthy but the lemon juice. The health benefits of sorbet are based on what flavoring you add into it. In this lemon sorbet, you could enjoy all the health benefits of lemon in the form of delicious dessert.

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamin C

The fact that lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C is no longer a secret. There are a lot vitamin C benefits you could get from dessert when it comes in the form of lemon sorbet. Vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidant that could help maintaining your immunity system. Having lemon sorbet regularly is highly recommended due to its high amount of vitamin C.

  1. Great Choice of Dessert

Most desserts are sweet treats but lemon sorbet is one of the healthy desserts because though sugar may be added during the process but still the side effect is not significant. The fiber content in lemon and the acidic content in lemon are reasons why lemon sorbet is great choice for dessert especially after you have a heavy dinner. Lemon sorbet may help your digestive track by producing more bail.

  1. Tasty Treat during Weight Loss Program

Some people may complain about the limited choice of treats during weight loss program while some others thought that desserts are totally forbidden during a diet program. Lemon is one of the fruits in the list of healthy fruits for weight loss. If you are among them, adding lemon sorbet is an excellent solution because it is a tasty treat during weight loss program without worrying about gaining weight because lemon is low in calories. You just need to watch out the sugar content during the making process of sorbet.

  1. Aids Digestion

As mentioned in point number two, lemon sorbet is a great choice of dessert because it aids digestion. Healthy metabolism is started from healthy digestion but sometimes your digestive track needs more helps in processing the foods you consume. Lemon sorbet may ease up the process and at the same time optimizing the digestion process while vitamin C will make sure optimal absorption of nutrients.

  1. Promotes Skin Health

One of the health benefits of lemon water is for skin and the reason why lemon is great for healthy skin is because it is packed with vitamin C. Surely you have known the prominent role of vitamin c in promoting healthy skin. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen to help maintaining the firmness of your skin while antioxidants are preventing the worst effect of free radicals and optimizing the skin cells regeneration.

  1. Prevents Kidney Stone

Some studies have shown a great connection between consuming lemon and kidney stones. Those who are drinking lemon juice or lemon water regularly are likely having lower risk of kidney stone.

  1. Dental Care

Toothache could be really annoying especially when you should deal the pain. Well, having lemon sorbet may not magically remove the toothache problem but the combination of cold dessert and lemon may help numbing the pain while lemon could help stopping the bleeding. It is a great first aid solution before you have time to meet your dentist.

  1. Controls Blood Pressure

One of the symptoms of high blood pressure is when the amount of sodium in your blood stream is higher than normal. To get rid of it, potassium is the key to the problem. One of the health benefits of potassium is eliminating the excessive amount of sodium in the blood stream and the result is blood pressure will be in control.

  1. Reduces Mental Stress

There are a lot of types and stages of mental stress. Daily pressure that causes headache could be considered as mental stress, anxiety even depression are more severe condition of mental stress. What you need is foods that are rich of minerals and lemon is among those foods. Furthermore, lemon fragrance is very aromatic and contains calming effect that could help you relaxing.

  1. Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

All types of foods that are rich of antioxidants such as vitamin C and beta-carotene may contain excellent anti-cancer properties and lemon is one of them. Lemon sorbet may not kill the cancerous cells magically but the antioxidants may help in prohibiting the growth of cancerous cells and preventing them from spreading.

Cautions of Lemon Sorbet

Just because it is frozen and cold, it doesn’t mean all cautions regarding lemon don’t apply to lemon sorbet. Below are some cautions you should know about lemon sorbet.

  • Lemon is very acidic and for those who have sensitive stomach may take this lemon sorbet lightly. Though most people may consume lemon sorbet as dessert after a meal which is quite safe even for those who have sensitive stomach but you have to be careful when taking it with empty stomach.
  • Don’t fall easily to the lemon sorbet sold freely in the market because you cannot make sure whether the lemon juice is made from freshly squeeze lemon juice or just artificial sweetener of lemon. So, it is better to make your own lemon sorbet since it is very easy to make.
  • The last warning is no matter how delicious lemon sorbet is better for you to consume it in moderate amount only because something too much is never good.

Well, not only you know about the health benefits of lemon sorbet but now you have new idea to serve as dessert tonight. Lemon sorbet is just one of the fruits sorbet recommended due to its amazing benefits of lemon juice. However, you could be more creative with the other fruits as well like watermelon sorbet or melon sorbet which are as delicious as lemon sorbet and as healthy as well.