9 Health Benefits of Rose Ugli Fruit – You Didn’t Know Before

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The health benefits of this ugli fruit are increase the metabolism, cure sign and symptoms of hypotension, protect body from the possibility to get kidney’s stones, get rid of extra uric acid inside the blood, to prevent cancer, to heal heart from any heart problems, and to cure skin disease.

rose ugli fruit is one of the most favorite fruits with many general health benefits, which are:

  • Boost human’s energy
  • To help digestive system to prevent from any gastro intestinal problems
  • To help increase the health quality of human’s eyes
  • It will boost the benefits of vegetarian diet for diabetes
  • To help decreasing human’s weight
  • Increase human’s vision
  • Keep the level of cholesterol
  • Strengthen human’s bones

1. health benefits on human’s skin

There are many health benefits of Rose Ugli Fruit. This ugli fruit can work as anti aging, brightening and whitening the skin, hydrating the dry skin, decrease the sign of wrinkled skin, and to cure any blemishes on human’s face.

2. health benefit for hair

Ugli fruits can prevent hair fall, promote health for hair root, and protect the hair.

Side effects

This fruit can influence the level of blood glucose

This fruit is much better to be consumed on late afternoon in fresh condition, since it will prevent any mixture with other food that people used to consume (before lunch)

Rose ugli fruit is one of the most favorite fruit which contain high number of vitamin C and fiber, and this fruit also contain less than 40 calorie in a slice of the fruit. This fruit can be taken as healthy diet for people who used to minimize the number of calories they take. There are some tips for people who want to consume rose ugli fruits

3. better to know the right location of market that offer to sell this ugli fruits

It’s necessary to know the location or the market that offer ugli fruit. Ugli fruit available commonly in December to April, and it’s also recommended to come into the special food store to find this fruit.

Ugli fruits has other name as tangelo from Jamaika. This fruit first found in Jamaika and become one of the fruit that exported from 1914.

After this fruit got exported to South America, the stores actually classified as limited fruit, those condition make the price of this fruit getting so high and it hits until two or three times more expensive than Bali’s citrus fruit.

4. eat ugli fruits by using a spoon

Ugli fruits can be divided into two slices by separate the levers, and directly eat with its skin by a spoon. It’ not like citrus fruit, rose ugli fruit appear like so fleshy and watery than any usual citrus fruit.

Ugli fruit still sweet enough to be consumed directly, so it’s not really necessary to add some sugar on it if you don’t want to taste extra sweet inside. Ugli fruit can be used as sweet dessert mix with sherry on top of this fruits before enjoy he taste. 

5. ugli fruits can be served as cool fruit like other fruits

Ugli fruit is suitable to be served in cool condition like green vegetable salad or tropic salad. Consume it by making a simple vegetable salad, people can use green leaves, lettuce, and spinach, and it’s also recommended to add strawberry, and any other favorite foods.

Granola and whole grains can be used to add other flavors into, but it’s not really recommended to add so many other tastes because it may incompatible with ugli fruits. Ugli fruits also can be mixed with other food with sour taste like citrus fruits, and this fruits also can be used to decorate birthday cake, cheese cake, and other cakes.

6. ugli fruit can be served to be smoothie

Ugli fruit can be blended with some ice cubes, sugar, and other fruits and juice, then those ingredients mix together to be smoothie and served as a very tasty and cool smoothie. The way to make the smoothie are follows:

Peel of the ugli fruit and take it as much as you want served, then slice bananas. Add to a blender with ¼ pineapple juice, ¼ cup (60 ml) of milk, and 2 tablespoons of white sugar (30 ml) or can replace with honey. Mix it together until it turn to be smoothie, add 8 ice cubes then mix until the ice melt together with smoothie

7. This smoothie can be served in 4 glasses and directly can be served while it still cool

It’s really great to try some experiments with this ugli fruit. Whatever the flavor that people want to add, there’s no significant studies that proven it going to be wrong or harmful for human’s health, as long as the substance that you add to mix with ugli fruit don’t contain dangerous chemical substance and so on. Thus, let’s check all health benefits of Rose Ugli Fruit.

8. make a glass of lemonade from ugli fruit

Ugli lemonade can be mix with ice cubes, water, and sugar. The way to make it as follows:

Make syrup with a half cup (125 ml) of white sugar with a half cup (125 ml) of water and heat those mixture in a small pan on medium heat 

9. After the sugar dissolves, move the syrup into a kettle and add a cup (250 ml) of ugli juice to the mixture

  • Add 3 – 4 cups (750 ml – 1000 ml) of cold water into the kettle and stir it appropriately. Serve it while the lemonade still in fresh and cool condition.
  • Ugli lemonade ready to drink
  • make ugli fruit as sweets

How to Consume Ugli Fruit 

Both skin and juice of ugli fruits can be used to make marmalade with the ways:

Mix some slices of ugli fruit with ¾ cup (180 ml) of white sugar and 1 table spoon (15 ml) ugli’s skin into a small pan. Boil the mixture on high heat, stir it and cook until 7 – 10 minutes. After finished, marmalade will lost its water and used to be thick and shiny.

consume it to substitute Bali’s citrus fruit

Ugli fruit has the same taste with citrus fruit, they have same physical appearance and they can substitute each other. Ugli fruit has sharp taste, its taste is typical water taste, and little bit watery than others. Thus, let’s try it to get health benefits of Rose Ugli Fruit.