5 Health Benefits of Drinking Diet Tonic Water #1 Works

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Tonic water is a soft drink which people used to mention as a carbonated drink. This tonic water contain a kind of chemical substance called as ‘kinase’, and it makes the taste of this water taste little bit bitter in taste than common mineral water. Tonic water was drunk by some people in order to cure a certain disease like malaria (read  ore about the health benefits of papaya leaves to cure infection).

Some producers of soft drink commonly produce tonic water and their product will be given sugar as addition ingredients and lemon extract. Tonic water also used to be mixed with cocktail. Some of most famous brand of tonic water that easily found in market such Schweppes, Canada Dry, and Q Tonic.

This water being called as tonic water because it contains a substance called ‘Quinine’ that useful as preventive substance to against malaria. Tonic water contains a very high number of Quinine so the taste is so bitter. That’s the reason why tonic water given sugar in order to be more acceptable in common people who loves to drink it to gain health benefits.

Tonic water is little bit different with other soft drink people used to thinking about. But take a gander at the nutrition labels on bottles of tonic water and Coke, and people will notice the ingredient inside those water and the reasons why this tonic water commonly given for soldiers in order to gain the health benefits. Generally west people consume Coke and tonic water differently—using just a few ounces of the latter to complement cocktails.

So, while the first gin and tonic isn’t something to worry about, the added sugar becomes a concern when you’re on your third or fourth.

This is the ingredients inside one of a very famous brand of Tonic Water, Schweppes, which are tonic, carbonated water, sugar, beverage base, sodium benzoate as the preservative, and quinine.

People need to know the differences between soda water and tonic water

Soda water and tonic water is likely but so many differences in so many ways. Both of this kind of water are carbonated water and commonly contain quinine with so many health benefits against disease. Tonic water acts as drugs and calorie while soda water is a mind of simple carbonated water. Soda water contains sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate, sometimes this is useful and mix with alcohol, and sometimes people misuse this kind of soda water.

Health benefits by drinking tonic water

Here are all the health benefits of drinking diet tonic water:

  1. useful for gastro intestinal or digestive organ system

Drinking carbonated water can increase the metabolism process inside the human body. Carbonated water well known to be useful to cure dyspepsia symptoms and other diseases. Actually, others like wine, beer, soda, and mineral water can contributed to create disease in stomach. This kind of drinks also can be the agent which can prevent the healing process of chronic ulcer.

  1. health benefits toward teeth

Carbonated water that regularly consumed by some people can influence the health of teeth, so it’s not really recommended to consume a very high number of cans carbonated water as it can make teeth eruption because it will lowering mouth’s pH and day by day can destroy enamel of teeth and gum.

Most of carbonated water contains phosphate acid that directly related with health problem. By regularly consuming this tonic water can cause osteoporosis since it contain phosphate acid that can soften the hard materials including bone in human’s body. 

  1. carbonated water can boost the capability to swollen the foods

Surprisingly some studies showing that sparkling eyes can increase the capability to swallow the foods in adults. On a study, 16 health people can swallow the liquid for many times. But carbonated water has shown that the capability of the tonic water to stimulate the nerve that influences the capability of human’s organ function to swallow.

Other studies proven that the combination of cold weather and carbonation can strengthen this beneficial effect. In a study, 72 people who want to clear their throat with cool carbonated water, surprisingly the result is there are 63% increase of subject capability to clear the human’s throat as well.

  1. carbonated water can increase satiety

Carbonated water can help people to get satiety for a long time compare with mineral water. Sparkling water can make the food going to be trapped in the first line of stomach in a long time so the people who consume it will feel the satisfaction and avoid the feeling to consume any food.

The study that take 19 subjects (health women), proven that after drinking tonic water, they get the feeling of full in their stomach rather than when the drink usual mineral water. 

  1. carbonated water can fight again stomachache

People who got gastric or stomach problem has proven that consuming sparkling water can avoid the symptoms. In a study that involved 40 subjects of elderly who suffer for stroke, has proven that approximately the movement of colon faster twice in people who use to consume carbonated water than the people who never consume it (consuming usual mineral water).

A study that takes 21 subjects with chronic digestive system informed that after 15 days, the people who got to consume carbonated water or sparkling water cab increase the sign and symptoms of digestive system problems like stomachache.

The conclusion is carbonated water can give health benefits toward human’s digestive system, increase the full feeling in stomach, and decrease the problems of stomachache. The question will be is the carbonated water good to be consume or not?

The studies and research has proven that there’s no significant bad things going to come after people consume carbonated water. This tonic water is not really harm and dangerous for teeth health and there’s no negative effect for bones. Thus, there are many health benefits of drinking diet tonic water.

Surprisingly, carbonated water is not really harmful and has significant dangerous for human’s quality of health. But, since this tonic water can create full feeling, some of people prefer to drink usual mineral water rather than tonic water as they tend to avoid negative effects that may happen because there still a group of society still doubt about the safety of tonic water.

Actually, tonic water can give those health benefits above but there’s no recommendation to consume it too much to avoid bad things that may happen.