The Health Benefits of Rajma Chawal – North Indian Spicy Curry

Rajma chawal is an authentic North Indian dish, where rajma as a spicy curry which is served with steam boiled rice. The combination of rajma (kidney beans) and chawal (rice) giving it universal name of “rajma chawal”. Some people avoid the combination of rajma and rice thinking it might be gain weight or fattening. But […]

The Powerful Health Benefits of Kung Pao Kitchen with Green Beans

Kung pao chicken with green beans is one dish that has a history of cuisine that is accidentally made as a result of being trapped by a cook. The name kung pao comes from a nickname, ding baozhen. Consumption of kung poa food chicken with green beans also has its own advantages, including the following:   1. touch various flavors Here’s the […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Mapo Tofu – Tasty and Healthy

Mapo tofu is a kind of food that is popular among the hoa people from the Sichuan province of China which was in the qing dynasty, so it is not surprising that in many times there are many restaurants that open these recipes like in Tokyo. The word from mapo means numb so that the mapo tofu dish is famous for its […]

Health Benefits of African Yam Beans – The Forgotten Beans

The African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) is a leguminous crop found in the Volta Region, Ghana, Africa. In comparison to ordinary yam and cassava, African yam beans are minor crops, which also means that they are low in exploitation. But then, African yam beans contribute considerably in providing a source of protein for the surrounding […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Pork Trotters Rice

Pork is one of the most popular meats in several countries. It usually comes in many ways like bacon, sausage, ham, and many others and be served as stew or soup or any other secret recipe. One of the most classical parts that hardly been loved but actually has the taste also the benefit. Pork […]

Healthy Benefits of Char Kway Teow and Recipe – Malaysian Rice Noodle

Char kway teow is a dish of flat rice noodles fried in garlic, sweet soy sauce and lard, with additionaly ingredients such as egg, Chinese sausage, fishcake, beansprout and cockles. It is popular noodles dish from Southeast Asia, especially Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Char kway teow first invented as a simple dish for laborers, […]

14 Surprising Health Benefits of Liver Soup, A Chinese Tradition

Do you ever know the health benefits of liver soup? If not, then the next question is do you ever know liver soup? If you answer no again, then you should read below article. What is Liver Soup? Anyone knows that liver is one of the organ meat. Many contradiction on selecting organ meat as […]

How Healthy is Egg Drop Soup, Try The Recipe!

Among many kind of soup in the world, some people feel curious with how healthy is egg drop soup for the body. This traditional Chinese soup is commonly serve in many of Chinese restaurant. Preparing the soup also quite easy, so that you can easily make it at home. Therefore, if you really want to […]

Health Benefits of Tacos al Pastor (Healthy and Fancy Tasty Food)

The first thing come to mind when we talk about Mexican cuisine is tacos. There are many kinds of tacos. But most people favorite might be tacos al pastor. It is a variant of tacos with sautéed pork marinated in lemon and pineapple. The sweet and sour taste will make you never bored of it. […]

Is Wonton Soup Good for You When You’re Sick, Check The Benefits

Cold and fever is a common diseases that can be happen frequently. While one of the famous solution among Chinese people is by serving a bowl of soup. Some of them choose wonton soup, but several people still query is wonton soup good for you when you’re sick. Of course, there is no specific research […]