11 Super Health Benefits of Som Tam for Healthy Body

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Not only have a good taste, but apparently there are several great health benefits of som tam. This is why people calling this food as one of the famous superfood. Mainly in Thailand and some of Asian countries. Made of papaya salad which mix with several other ingredients, the food consider as a good healthy food that suitable to consume to make sure that the body is keep healthy and away from sickness. If want to know further what are the health benefits of som tam, it is recommended to check on below articles.

Som Tam Recipe

Before go through the benefits, it will be important to know the exact recipe of this food. Therefore, making this food homemade will be an easy things to do. Below are several related information in case you interesting to make the som tam salad homemade.

Ingredients for 2 servings

2 cups of shredded green papaya
2 tbs of toasted peanuts
2 cloves of peeled garlic
1-2 fresh birds eye chili
1 tbs of dried shrimp
½ piece palm sugar
7 cherry tomatoes
juice of ½ lime
1½ tbs of fish sauce
1-2 tbs green beans


• Peel the papaya and the carrot into julienne strips.
• Add the garlic and chili together in a pestle and mortar. Cut the green beans and place in a mixing bowl.
• Add the sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and tamarind paste.
• Add papaya and cherry tomatoes. Mix together. Serve sprinkled with chopped peanuts.

Health Benefits of Som Tam

If you do not know what are the benefits of this healthy salad, it is better to have some time to check on below lists of benefits below.

1. High Fiber

This food contain high number of fiber. Therefore, it will help to supply the needs of the fiber for the body. The same health benefits of coleslaw salad that also works to supply fiber content to the body system.

2. Healthy Digestive

The fiber content will work in effective way to improve intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it will manage a good digestive system and avoid any digestive problems.

3. Source of Nutrient

Apparently, the health benefits of som tam including to supply various nutrient content. The food is rich with many vitamins and minerals, the same health benefits soused herring that also rich in various nutrient too. This is why the salad is good for the health, especially for those that running a diet.

4. High Vitamin C

The food is high in vitamin C content. It is not a secret that high vitamin C content will work to manage a healthy body. Therefore, the salad will automatically avoid sickness and manage a better body health too.

5. Boost Immunity

The vitamin C also a good mechanism, to boost the body immune system. Therefore, the same way as the health benefits of jamaican star apple it will manage to avoid sickness and keep the body healthy all the time. It also effective to avoid bacteria or any virus infection.

6. Weight Management

Consume the food will help to manage a good weight. This will help to avoid weight increment and even can effective to support weight loss.

7. Reduce Hypertension

The food is healthy enough to avoid increasing blood tension. Therefore, it can be a good solution to avoid hypertension. The same health benefits of eating cucumber at night that also good to reduce the tension too.

8. Healthy Cardiovascular

Other benefit from consume som tam is to manage a healthy cardiovascular system. It will help to balance the LDL and HDL level in the blood arteries so that it can avoid any risk of blood cod.

9. Detoxification

Som tam also a good food and salad that will help the body natural detoxification process. The same way as the health benefits of cherry blossom tea, it will manage to flush out all the toxin and reduce any risk from dangerous poison in our body.

10. Smooth and Silky Skin

Not only rich with vitamin C, but it also rich in vitamin E that will produce a smooth and silky skin. Therefore, consume this salad will help to manage a healthier skin surface that free of any risk of inflammation or eczema.

11. Improve Metabolism

By consuming the salad, it will manage the body to improve the body metabolism system. It will manage to increase body metabolic rate and fasten the process of changing food into needed energy for the daily activities.

Those all the health benefits of som tam that quite many to produce a healthy body condition. The ingredients also quite simple and not difficult to find out. Therefore, if want to consume the food, it is suggested to prepare it homemade. So that it can taste and can bring benefits as expected. Otherwise it might can not bring you the best benefits as you expected from the first. Happy trying!