10 Amazing Health Benefits of Unsweetened Greek Yogurt

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greek yogurtIf you are a fan of yogurt, you may know about Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is almost the same as yogurt in general, the difference is Greek yogurt softer because it passes through 3 times filtering. Greek yogurt is very famous in Europe and the United States. Therefore, this yogurt is used in the diet to lose weight. For those of you who are undergoing the process of dieting, there is no harm in trying this Greek yogurt.

If you consume Greek yogurt, you will get some of the nutrients contained in it such as:

Based on the nutrients that exist in Greek yogurt, you will get some benefits like below if you consume it:

  1. Lose weight

For those of you who go on a diet program, you should consume unsweetened greek yogurt like benefits of black coffee for weight loss. Since there is no sweetener, then this yogurt will not make you fat. Even this is highly recommended for you who are dieting. High carbohydrate content in yogurt can provide a longer satiety compared with other yogurts.

  1. Maintain the digestive tract

Your digestive tract will be well maintained if you consume this yogurt. This yogurt contains probiotics are good bacteria that are needed by the body to launch the digestive system. This probiotic is not only found in greek yogurt, but you can also find it in tempeh. Yogurt is very suitable to be consumed if you are experiencing problems with the digestive system. The medicine is delicious, is not it?

  1. Maintaining healthy bones and teeth

No wonder if consuming unsweetened greek yogurt can keep your bones and teeth healthy. Because, in this yogurt, there are several nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium that helps maintain the health of your bones and teeth. In fact, consuming one serving of Greek yogurt can meet your 20% daily calcium requirement.

  1. Safe for people with hypertension

Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure should not be careless in consuming food. Especially if the food contains high salt. One of the foods that are safe for consumption by people with hypertension is unsweetened greek yogurt and health benefits of lipton tea. Because in this yogurt very low salt content.

  1. Solutions for lactose intolerance

For people with lactose intolerance, they should not consume high-lactose yogurt. But for those who want to consume yogurt, they can choose unsweetened greek yogurt. Because in this yogurt contains only 4 grams of lactose alone. It still falls within the limit of safety according to a research. Patients with lactose intolerance can actually still consume foods containing lactose with a maximum limit of 12 grams or the equivalent of a cup of milk.

  1. Helps muscle growth

In the period of muscle growth, muscle requires adequate intake of nutrients and can be obtained from foods containing high protein. One of the recommended Greek yogurt. Because yogurt has a protein content 3 times more than ordinary yogurt. You can also get protein from health benefits of edamame.

  1. Good for the brain

Another benefit you can get by consuming yogurt is the health of the brain will be awake. Greek yogurt contains vitamin B12 which helps maintain brain health through the maintenance of brain nerve cells.

  1. Prevent depression

For those of you who are currently depressed heavy due to work or other problems, you can consume Greek yogurt to relieve symptoms of depression. Therefore, the content of vitamin B12 in yogurt is also very good for overcoming depression.

  1. Controlling blood pressure

Blood pressure in humans must be controlled to always be in a normal position. If high blood pressure will cause hypertension disease. Whereas if blood pressure becomes low, it will cause hypotension and dizziness. To keep blood pressure normal, you can consume Greek yogurt that contains high potassium. Potassium in yogurt is what will help control your blood pressure.

  1. Lowering high blood pressure

If you are one of those people who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure, try to consume Greek yogurt. Because in it contains calcium and magnesium that serves to lower high blood pressure.


Although unsweetened Greek yogurt brings a positive impact on your health, but still wise in consuming it. Because if the excessive consumption of health benefits of unsweetened Greek yogurt will bring problems for your health.