10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Chicken Soup When Sick

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chicken soupCurrently, both the dry season and the rainy season, many of us are very susceptible to disease. Usually, it is a weak immune system that causes most of it is an unhealthy lifestyle.

When we’ve got sick, usually if we look at most hospitals for inpatient food menu is often a soup. Whether it’s fish soup, chicken soup, and chicken soup. Why soup becomes an important food for people who are in the process of recovery. Apparently, there are many benefits to be gained when we are sick and then consume soup, especially chicken soup.

Health benefits ingredients of chicken soup when sick which is a combination of vegetables and chicken meat has a complete nutritional content that will generally speed up the process of curing disease or recovery of physical condition. The content of nutrients in it depends on what kind of vegetables are the ingredients of chicken soup. In general, chicken soup in health benefits of chicken feet contains

Some of the benefits of consuming chicken soup when we are sick is as follows

  1. Boost the immune system

Vegetables contained in chicken soup, there are many vitamins that are very important and needed the body when sick. these vitamins will work against the disease that strikes you. Diseases such as a cough, flu, and fever can heal quickly when you consume chicken soup.

  1. Easy to digest

Body absorption of digested foods plays an important role in restoring the body healthy again. Soups are foods that are generally very easy to digest than solid foods. Food that is easily digested will be very beneficial for the sick because the nutritional content immediately absorbed.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

In about the 12th century, chicken soup is known as penicillin for Jews because it can overcome the symptoms of inflammation such as chills. So when we get hot or fever accompanied by chills, chicken soup is a food suitable to serve, especially in warm conditions.

  1. Avoiding dehydration of the body

Most sick people have poor appetite and drinking. Moreover, accompanied by diarrhea that makes the body will lose a lot of fluids. Chicken soup in addition to containing many important nutrients also has the function of preventing dehydration. This is because the soup in the food such as chicken soup is very much.

  1. Maintaining your appetite

Appetite is reduced drastically always experienced by people who are sick. if this is left then the impact is actually aggravating people who are sick because of lack of nutrient intake. The unpleasant taste or bitterness becomes the cause of decreased appetite. Chicken soup can be the solution to this problem, because chicken soup, especially with good spices, can provide a delicious taste that is strong enough to overcome the bitter taste when eating.

  1. Warm the body

Consuming chicken soup when the flu will make the body warm. When the body becomes warm, flu can also subside and heal slowly. Consumption of chicken soup when in warm conditions is strongly recommended.

  1. Relieve the throat and facilitate breathing

A study conducted by researchers at Sinai Medical Center, Miami mentions that inhaling steam chicken soup can cure the flu gradually. Steam chicken soup can also relieve the throat so breathing when the flu is usually inhibited can return smoothly.

  1. Treating flu

Hot chicken soup can open the throat and nose wider and mucus that usually attached when the cold and flu will be easily removed. Chicken soup also inhibits the movement of neutrophils (a type of white blood cells) in the respiratory channel so that it can reduce blockage. It also helps the nose cilia function properly so as to facilitate the removal of mucus.

  1. Complete nutrition source

Chicken soup is very well consumed for every day because it has a complete nutritional content of chicken and vegetables. Moreover, in a state of illness where the body needs a lot of nutrients to be able to fight the virus or disease-causing bacteria.

  1. Helps heal the infection

Amino acids found in chickens are believed to cure various infections as well as facilitate the expenditure of sputum on the flu.


Health benefits of chicken soup when sick will have a significant impact on the healing process for those of you who are sick if consumed warmly. So if chicken soup in cold conditions, warm up in advance in order to provide optimal benefits for those of you who are sick.