6 Undeniable Health Benefits of Sea Salt Flakes

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Sea salt is commonly associated with spa days and relaxation. However, it is not only that. There are more health benefits associated with sea salt. They include skincare, dental health, and even pain and cramps reliever.

Furthermore, sea salt is also beneficial for exfoliation, nasal and eye wash and improving electrolytic balance of the body. If you’re interested in sea salt, make sure you also read health benefits of dead sea salt.

What makes salt flakes different from the common salt? Sea salt, also known as bay salt, is produced by the evaporation process of salt water bodies.

It could be a bit darker than the refined salt because of the absorption of the essential minerals from the clay lining of the body of water. Sea salt contains a lot of vital minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper, zinc and others.

Let’s check these health benefits of adding sea salt flakes into your lifestyle.

  • Keep You Hydrated

Sea salt is beneficial for keeping your body hydrated too. Your body needs a balance of sodium and potassium in order to stay hydrated. Water retention occurs in the body when you increase your intake of sodium. Lack of sodium may lead to dehydration on the other hand.

  • Aid Skin Care

The mineral content of sea salt flakes has long been appreciated for its rejuvenating effect on the skin. You can try bathing in sea salt solution to keep your skin moisturized and revitalized.

Besides, bathing in sea salt, especially the Dead Sea salt baths may also improve the skin barrier function and eliminating the roughness and inflammation of the surface of the skin.

You can try bathing yourself with sea salt. Read more about it in health benefits of dead sea salt bathe and get one at home!

  • May Maintain Oral Health

Sea salt may contain fluoride that is essential for promoting dental health. Fluoride may be beneficial for protecting your teeth from acidic damage. Moreover, it also prevents the development of caries and cavities.

Try rinsing and gargling your mouth with tepid sea salt water and you will be able to alleviate mouth sores, bleeding gums, ulcers, and sore throat.

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  • May Encourage Exfoliation

Besides for skin care, sea salt may also be useful in cosmetic industry. Many scrubs and skin care products, such as antiperspirants and deodorants use sea salt as one of their ingredients.

Using sea salt as exfoliators will help remove dead skin cells, tone up the skin tissues and encourage peripheral blood circulation.

It also promotes skin renewal. If you wish to have exfoliation, you can try scrubbing your face with coffee. Get to know all of these health benefits of coffee scrub for the face.

Different with table salt, the granular texture of sea salt will work well in promoting clean and smooth skin. Do you know black salt? Read these health benefits of black salt and make sure to try once!

  • Relax Your Feet

Do you know that you can soak your feet in sea salt bath too? If you get tired feet, then try this method. Soaking your feet in a warm salt solution may help relax the muscles and relieve the pain and sore in your aching feet.

  • Promote Rejuvenating Sleep

Have you ever heard that sea salt may help you help a rejuvenating sleep? Yes, it may! Many people consider that sea salt baths may have a calming effect. This effect will help inducing rejuvenating sleep after a long and tired day.

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  • May Relieve Eye Problems

Sea salt solution is also considered as an effective remedy for relieving puffiness around your tired eyes. Try to compress your eyes by using sea salt. It may aid in reducing dark circles and sagging bags under the eyes. Furthermore, it also gives a calming and stress-relieving effect.

Despite all the amazing benefits sea salt flakes might give you, you still need to pay attention to some downsides of it.

Sea salt still adds flavor to food and may have bring some negative impacts when it is consumed in excess. Overconsumption of sea salt may lead to high blood pressure, osteoporosis, kidney stones and other health issues.