8 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

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Turmeric is a member of ginger family. This spice is native to Southeast Asia and many people have used this as part of a herbal remedy for thousands of years, especially in Ayuverdic and Chinese medicine. Turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin. This ingredient is the one which gives the yellow color characteristic. Curcumin is rich in anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties which are beneficial for health.

Turmeric tea can be made by grating turmeric root, using turmeric powder or by store-bought turmeric tea products, either in loose-leaf or in a tea bag. There is no specific recommendation of daily intake of turmeric. It mainly depends on the condition of a person who wants to treat.

Turmeric tea may have some health benefits, however, there are still some research ongoing about the impact of turmeric on different areas of health. There is no specific guarantee that turmeric can cure any health issue. However, there are some possible amazing health benefits of turmeric tea.

  • Reduce the Symptoms of Athritis

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is rich in anti-inflammatory property. This will help reduce the most prominent symptoms of arthritis. There was a study in 2017 which found out that 206 adults in the United States were able to manage the symptoms of arthritis after consuming non-vitamin supplements with turmeric.

  • Reduce Calories in your Diet

A cup of turmeric tea, without any additional milk or sweeteners, such as honey, likely contains between 10 and 30 calories. It would be great to replace high-calorie beverages, such as soft drink, juices or alcohol.

  • Help Prevent and Treat Cancer

There is no research found out yet that turmeric tea can cure cancer, but it is effective to prevent and treat cancer. It is because curcumin, the ingredient in turmeric tea, is rich in anti-cancer action.

It is also rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful to lower the risk of damaged body cells, cell mutations and even cancer.

  • A Great Bedtime Tea

Turmeric tea, especially the plain one, doesn’t contain any caffeine. That’s why it is considered as a great tea to have in the late afternoon or evening. Furthermore, it won’t disrupt your sleep cycle.

You can pair turmeric tea with chamomile as they both pair well. Do you know that chamomile is also rich in health benefits, one of which is for pregnant women? Read more about it in health benefits of chamomile tea for pregnant woman. It has great calming effect.

  • Boost Immune System

There was a research found in 2007, which found out that curcumin is able to boost the immune system and help people who have immune disorder. If you feel like you’re experiencing some early symptoms of the cold or flu, then try having some turmeric tea in the morning or at night. The antibacterial and antiviral properties will work together on giving your immune system a much-needed boost.

  • Lower Cholesterol

Some studies have discovered that the use of turmeric is effective to lower down cholesterol levels (LDL and triglyceride levels). It was conducted on some animals that were fed a high-fat diet. They showed an improvement with their cholesterol level after being given some doses of turmeric.

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Do you know that India has a low percentage of patients with Alzheimer’s? Some believe that it is because turmeric. As we know, turmeric is one of the main ingredients in most Indian dishes.

More studies are expected to be done, however, some researchers have discovered this benefit on animal test subjects.

The result showed that turmeric helped lower inflammation and oxidative stress. Both of those factors might contribute to develop Alzheimer’s.

  • Prevent Heart Disease

Taking turmeric after a heart surgery was proven to decrease myocardial infarction by 56 percent compared to those people who took a placebo bill.

There’s also a study showing that curcumin is beneficial to reduce the risk of developing clogged arteries. This test was conducted on mice, and the result showed that the mice which were given curcumin had a 26% reduction in fatty deposits in their arteries.

There are some other ways to prevent or take care of heart disease, such as mentioned in benefits of honey for heart disease and health benefits of aspirin for Heart Disease. If you’re suffering from heart disease, then try those remedies.

Turmeric is an important spice to make your dish or meal delicious, but it has a lot of amazing benefits for your health. Health benefits of turmeric for the skin will give you more ideas on how it is amazing. Turmeric can also be made into ice cream! Health benefits of turmeric ice cream will make you crave more for it!