10 Top Health Benefits of Navajo Tea – Medicinal Purposes

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As we know that there are so many variants of tea around the world. There are black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, neem tea, kashmiri tea, yellow tea, fermented tea, pu-erh tea, Thai tea, and many more. Have you ever tried all of the types of tea? Hmm… Don’t be too quick to say that you have ever tried all of the kinds of tea because we will introduce another type of tea that you might never know before.

Can you guess what is it? Well, it is Navajo tea. Are you similar with this type of tea? Have you ever heard it? If you don’t have any idea about this tea, let’s check this article out because we will provide you with much information about Navajo tea.

Thelesperma megapotamicum is a plant which often to be used by American Indian as an herbal beverage. This herbal beverage commonly called as greenthread.  It is also known as Navajo tea, Hopi tea, Zuni tea or Indian tea. This herbal beverage is brewed by Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo people. Navajo are a Native American people of South-western United States.

It is recognized between the Navajo Nation and the Colorado River Indian Tribes. It is considered as one of the best natural remedies for urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal distress. This herbal tea has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans as detoxification. You may also read 12 Famous Health Benefits of Cherry Blossom Tea for Body Detoxification

Navajo tea belongs to North America but some of its species can also be found in South America. The whole part of this plant can be used and provide good benefits for our health. For making tea, the leaves is picked and then dried beneath the sun and then steeped as herbal tea.

The taste of this tea is surprisingly similar to the taste of green tea. It is mild, grassy or earthy flavor, cooling, and sweet. It is not like the other types of tea that has caffeine properties in it; Navajo tea is natural and free from caffeine. Drinking Navajo tea can be combined with other plants such as cinnamon, spearmint, and penny-royal to make this tea tastier. Also, there are many health benefits of Navajo tea.

Nutrition Facts of of Navajo Tea

Navajo contains rich of flavonoid which contains luteolin. Luteolin is one of active ingredients in Navajo tea. It is a rich compound of anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-cataract, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiviral, antitussive, and many more. The content of Navajo tea is very beneficial for medicinal purposes of the human body. You may also read Health Benefits of Cotton Herbs

It can be simplified, that one cup of Navajo tea contains 2 Kcal calories, 2 milligrams sodium, and 35 milligrams potassium. Besides that, Navajo tea is free caffeine and does not contain any fats. You may also read about Health Benefits of South African Rooibos Tea

Benefits Navajo Tea for Health

Native American has been used Navajo tea for ages to soothe aches and pains from upset stomach or any other gastrointestinal problems. Navajo tea is known containing flavonoid luteolin in which very good anti-inflammatory.

Not only that luteolin is good substances that provide medicinal effects and can act as anti-cancer, antitussive (against coughs), anti-cataract, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, antispasmodic, antiviral, choleretic that can improve the function of gall bladder, and etc. You may also read Health Benefits of Zucchini Leaves

Is that just the benefit of Navajo tea?

No, of course it is not. Navajo tea is amazing alternative herbal tea that can be used just not for a reliever of thirst but it has benefits more than that; it also can be used for medical purposes. Below are the health benefits of Navajo tea.

  1. Treat urinary tract infection. Navajo tea is one of best all-around traditional herbs to cure the pain associated with urinary tract infections. Besides that it is also good to soothe the gastrointestinal tract and get rid of the cramps.
  2. Stomach-aches reliever. Navajo tea is a perfect soothing tea for indigestion and common stomach upsets and any other digestive ailments.
  3. Improve blood circulation. Navajo tea helps to improve the flow of blood and lower blood pressure. Therefore, it can keep the platelets from sticking together so the flow of blood will be fairly smooth and prevent from strokes and heart attacks.
  4. Treat inflammatory problems. Navajo tea contains a lot of luteolin properties and glycosides which are very good flavonoids. Studies showed that these compounds also act COX inhibitors. That is why Navajo tea is great anti-inflammatory. Moreover it works well for arthritis and any other inflammatory problems such as urinary tract infections, headache, joint pain, and injuries.
  5. Any other health benefit to cure various ailments such as reducing fevers, treating kidney problems, purifying the blood, reducing the tooth pain by using it as mouthwash, treating gonorrhoea, expelling intestinal worms (as vermifuge), and as stimulant for the nervous system. You may also read Health Benefits Sweet Yam Leaves

Thus, that’s all health benefits of Navajo tea that we can try on.  

So, how to Make Navajo Tea?

Actually, Navajo tea can grow anywhere as long as in the dry season. To make Navajo tea is not as complex and does not take much time as Kashmiri tea. It is simple and doesn’t take much time.

Just as the flower buds of Navajo plant open, cut it about 2-3 inches above the soil after that washing the plants. The dried plant then is folded into two or more lengths (or 4 inches), then tied it into bundles about 6 grams with string.

Then boil a bundle of Navajo leaves in 6 cups of water for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, Navajo tea begins to smell earthy and mild of fresh grass and it is ready to drink. Navajo tea can be served either hot or iced or sweetened. You can also add sweet things such as sugar or honey. Besides adding sugar and honey, you can also add peppermint, spearmint, citrus, and etc. to make your Navajo tea tastier.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any Navajo tea in your garden, because nowadays it is available commercially in teabags.

Hot Navajo tea is a perfect company for your breakfast in the morning. It provides calming effect so it is possible for you to have a very peaceful mind to start your day. Besides that, you can drink it when you have a long stressful day after working. Meanwhile, iced Navajo tea is perfect beverage to drink when they is extremely hot.