25 Health Benefits of Ashitaba Tea #Proven Herbal Tea

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Ashitaba tea, which is also well known as Japanesse celery, has began to attract herbal beverage lovers around the world. Many said that Ashitaba tea has more benefits inside, when we compare to consuming regular green tea beverages. Angelica keiskei Koidzumi is the scientific name of this Ashitaba.

The plants grow in the height up to 50cm-120cm. This plant is an endemic to the area of Hachijo-jima in Japan but it also been breed in in various area too. Also read about: Health Benefits of Ashitaba Leaves

The Ashitaba plant is easy to cultivate and consider to be the plant with a rapid growing rate too. It is not so strange to find out that there are many have grown this kind of plant in the pot or their backyard too. However, it is not to be grown just in any place, there are specific conditions to it too. The Japanesse people has been using the leaves, flower or even the root of this plant as a mix to dish something like soba, tempura, or mix it as a beverage like ice cream or even a tea.

Nutrients and health benefits of ashitaba tea

Ashibata is well known to have contents such as sitotoksik, antidiabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypersensitive, as well as anti-bacterial use too.

It also has a potential to be use as a nerve remedial source for treating any cancer, menopause as well as other conditions. Another herbs remedial sources which have anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory use can be found on the other articles.

There are at least well known 20 health benefits of ashitaba tea for our body,

  1. It can significantly increase the body-immune system. This Ashibata tea is a high contained of the Vitamin C. That is the reason why we can consume this kind of tea on a daily basis to increase the body immune as well as our durability too. Also read here about the Health Benefits of Apple Tea
  2. Chalcone or a sap of the Ashitaba plant is also well known for the ability to perform a blood detoxification.
  3. Achitaba tea can maintain the blood pressure with their 2 mechanisms, one is well known as chalcone which is anti-diuretic which can be used for keeping the blood pressure as low as possible, as well as its potassium content which can also controls the blood pressure.
  4. Ashitaba tea is also known to have a content of saponin which can also control the blood sugar level, so it will be indirectly avoid diabetic to their consumers. Other ingredients which also known to prevent a diabetic can be found on the benefits of brown sugar for diabetic article, as well as soursop fruit for diabetic article.
  5. Health benefits of ashitaba tea – Keep the body pH balance at all times.
  6. As an anti-bacterial agent.
  7. Keep the cancer away from your body with its anti-oxidant content with xanthoangelol which is well known for the ability to fight free radicals which is the cancer main cause. There are also other ingredient which is also can fight the cancer as well. 
  8. The chalcone content of this Ashitaba tea is well known for keeping us the body metabolism so it will help the body to burn the fat better. Also read here about the Health Benefits of Java Tea
  9. The content of this Ashitaba tea can also be used to maintain the body weight level into the desired one, so by consuming this type of tea, the body weight can be decreased faster and faster because of the energy burning is faster too. At the same time, this can also be use to prevent the weight loss too.
  10. Acting as an anti-inflammation agent too.
  11. This Ashitaba tea is also well known to help the consumers to relieve the menstrual pain at the same time.
  12. This Ashitaba tea is also well known to be able to relieve the muscle pain and also the joint pain too at the same time as well.
  13. This type of tea is also known to be able to help for a stomach pain reliever too.
  14. The tea is able to helps out the consumers to increase the good cholesterol as well as keep the bad cholesterol level down.
  15. The tea is also known to prevent the anemia
  16. This can also be used to relieve any constipation. Also read here about the Health Benefits of Yogi Tea
  17. The content of this Ashitaba tea is also be able to help out to increase the nerve cells which can also the same time, help out to increase the memory capacity of their consumers. This is also very useful to prevents any disease which has a good connection with memory of the brain such as Alzheimer, Dementia and Parkinson too.
  18. The content of this Ashibata tea can also increase the concentration so it is very good to consume this type of tea in the morning time. Also read here about the Benefits of Tamarind Tea
  19. The tea is well known to have various anti-oxidant contents which can prevent the aging process as well as acting as regenerative agent too at the same time.
  20. This Ashibata tea can also heal the wound so this is very useful for the body.

Research conducted by the Japan Bio Science Laboratory (JBSL) concluded that this plant contains many nutrients that are very good for our health, (especially modern diseases caused by many of our lifestyle and eating) include: reducing the fat pile in the body, overcoming metabolic disorders , balance blood sugar levels, lower high blood pressure (hypertension), regulate the circulatory system, increase levels of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein), and prevent the occurrence of inflammation (reducing levels of uric acid (triglyceride level), etc.