Amazing Benefits of Milo Powder for Health and Children during Development Stage

When it comes to chocolate drink, the first well-known brand is Milo. Not only children, even adults would enjoy a cup of hot Milo or iced Milo because Milo powder is delicious whether you drink it hot or cold. The unique chocolate flavour of Milo is the reason why this brand could stay on top until now.

What Is Milo?

Surely everyone knows what Milo is, a delicious chocolate drink. However, not everyone knows what Milo powder is or from where this brand comes from. The brand, Milo was originally from Australia in 1934 invented by Thomas Mayne. Initially, the chocolate powder is only offered in green tin but in the development, there are a lot of varieties of Milo products from the signature chocolate powder, ready to drink chocolate, chocolate bar up to breakfast cereal.

Benefits of Milo Powder for Health

In the development of the brand there are a lot of speculations about whether Milo powder brings benefits for human health. Well, the list below will tell you more about the benefits of Milo powder for health.

  1. Milo Contains Calcium for Strong Bones and Teeth

One of the main health benefits of drinking Milo is its calcium content. Especially for kids during development stage, consuming enough calcium will help optimizing the development of their bones and maintain the health of their teeth. Moreover, Milo is also excellent source of vitamin D. Some studies stated that the combination of both vitamin D and calcium for bones health is super excellent.

  1. Excellent Source of Iron

During development period, health benefits of iron for kids are essential. Iron supports the production of red blood cells which has prominent function to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the whole part of body cells.

  1. Essential Vitamin A to Improve Eyesight

Surely you know about the main  vitamin A benefits which are good for eyesight. Well, one of the essential vitamins added to Milo powder is vitamin A, though consuming healthy foods contain vitamin A is still highly recommended.

  1. Tasty Energy Booster

A lot of children love the flavour of Milo. Well, as parents you could add Milo as the daily beverage to provide energy booster for children especially in the morning. The sugar content in Milo is enough to provide energy for children in the development stage.

  1. Good Source of Vitamin C

Besides vitamin A, you could also enjoy the vitamin C benefits from Milo. Vitamin C has a lot of benefits of human health from maintaining healthy skin, promoting immune system to work optimally up to optimizing the nutrient absorption, especially in children who need all the nutrients to grow optimally.

  1. Maintains Immunity Health

As mentioned in the previous point, vitamin C content found in Milo could support the immunity system and maintain the immunity health. Not only that, Milo is also containing some essential vitamin B complex which is good to maintain healthy body and heart.

  1. Excellent Choice for Breakfast

Choosing or making healthy breakfast is not an easy solution. Some parents are relying on some instant products for the choice of breakfast. Well, there are a lot of options from Milo products you could use as breakfast idea and especially loved by children.

  1. Contains Carbohydrate

There are a lot of health benefits of carbohydrate and Milo contains carbohydrate in healthy dose for everyone to enjoy. That is why Milo is perfect breakfast choice because carbohydrate is super essential in the morning to produce energy required to do all the activities all day without worrying about gaining weight or getting fat.

  1. Good Choice for Kids during Development Stage

It is not easy for parents to fulfil the nutrients required by children in their development stage. However, Milo could be a perfect package to reduce parents’ headache because a glass of Milo contains all the essential vitamins and minerals strongly required by children during development stage.

  1. Optimizes the Nutrients Absorption

Drinking Milo along with some healthy foods could help optimizing the nutrient absorption because Milo contains vitamin C that could help optimizing the process. It could work for children who refuse to eat fruits contain vitamin C but instead craving for the tasty Milo beverage.

  1. Excellent Snack Ideas for Parents

In the development, there are a lot of ideas of snacks made from Milo powder that parents could use. From the ready to drink Milo chocolate, snake bar up to some tasty snacks made of Milo. Milo is also perfect sprinkle for ice cream, cake and also used as additional flavour to your children favourite cookies. In other words, Milo could be turned into any tasty foods that your children will love.

  1. Good for Healthy Diet

Well, as rich of essential vitamins and minerals, Milo is good for healthy diet. However, you should be careful with some varieties of Milo products that contain added sugar. It is better to stick to the original Milo powder with less sugar content if what you expect from Milo is its healthy side.

Cautions of Drinking Milo

Aside from the benefits Milo as mentioned above, there are also some cautions you should aware of Milo, especially when you consume it in daily basis.

  • Be careful with the sugar content in Milo powder. Some varieties of Milo are coming with added sugar, to be in the safe side, you could choose Milo powder product with less sugar.
  • If you want to get all the benefits of chocolate from Milo and then you are choosing the wrong products. However, you could still add real chocolate to your favourite Milo beverage.
  • Milo may be tasty but it is not recommended to be used as the only source of vitamins and minerals. Real foods are still strongly required while Milo could be consumed as additional beverage.

Milo powder is not only tasty as hot or cold beverage but also commonly used as ice cream sprinkle. Not only that, Milo powder is also used in the mixture of chocolate cookies to add special Milo flavour. Aside from that, Milo is not only delicious but there are a lot of benefits of Milo powder for health that makes this beverage perfect for everyone from children to adults.