Benefits of Gordon’s Gin – Is It Good for Health?

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Gordon’s Gin is a brand of London dry gin first established in 1769. It is the world’s best selling dry gin, and Gordon’s Gin is triple-distilled and contains a secret recipe that is believed to be made of juniper berries, benefits of coriander seeds for thyroid, health benefits of licorice powder, angelica root, orris root, health benefits of eating an orange everyday and benefits of lemon water peel. With an alcohol content of 37.2-47.3%, what are some of the health benefits of Gordon’s Gin?

  1. Gin for Respiratory Illness Prevention

Juniper berries compose the main ingredient of gin and guess what, they are also useful for everyday illness prevention! Juniper berries have been used and proven for centuries as topical antiseptic, coughs, flu and asthma. The oil contained inside the berries widen bronchial tubes and expel mucus.

  1. Gin for Better Joints

Painful and weak joints are two of the most common symptoms of health benefits of fish oil for arthritis. When this happens, why not try consuming gin?

Gin is able to soothe joint pain, gout, and also rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, one can also consume gin-soaked raisins for treatment against arthritis.

  1. Gin for Digestion Improvement

Many don’t like gin because of its bitter flavour. But instead, it is also healthy for the digestive system! The herbs that compose the ingredients of gin increase stomach acid secretion as well as digestive enzymes. At the end of the day, the digestive process can proceed efficiently.

  1. Gin for Malaria Treatment

Historically, gin and tonic were combined from the 1800s to make a more palatable version of quinine. Quinine itself is also an essential medicine for curing and preventing malaria.

However, this doesn’t make gin suitable as the sole treatment for malaria; medical treatment is still much needed and recommended.

  1. Gin Flushes Out Your System

Juniper berries are diuretic, which means that it increases urine output while preventing water retention. In this case, gin can be used for handling bloating or urinary tract infections (UTI).

  1. Gin Gets the Liver Healthy

This fact sounds ironic yet interesting at the same time. But since gins are diuretic, they can also be theoretically able to increase urine output and decrease water retention.

  1. Gin Increases Herbal Intake

Gin is made of several herbs, which makes it seem healthier and more natural than its alcoholic relatives such as wine, vodka or beer.

Just imagine, one bottle of gin itself already carries extracts from juniper berries, coriander seeds, licorice, cassia, nutmeg, sage, angelica root, rosemary, and much more.

  1. Gin Makes the Skin Look Young

Similar to red wine, gin also contains antioxidants and anti-aging effects. The natural ingredients that make up gin and antioxidants makes the skin to look fresh and young tor an extended period of time, to make you feel good about yourself!

  1. Gin Extends Longevity

Gin consumption, when done in moderation could improve and increase blood circulation for an increased lifespan. While then, the improved blood circulation is made possible by gin through the presence of flavonoids.

  1. Gin Manages Weight

And finally, gin helps us to manage weight because of its relatively low calorie content at just 97 alcoholic calories!

Those are the astonishing ways how drinking Gordon’s Gin could actually benefit your health. Despite so, gin is not to be used as a replacement for normal medications; after all you still need to go to the doctor and drink medicine when you are ill.

But at the very least, when you order gin at the bar or pub, you could for a while be proud that your drink is slightly healthier than the rest around you!