10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Charcoal Lemonade

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Lately on Instagram, there has been a hype about this drink named charcoal lemonade. The charcoal lemonade is a detoxifying beverage that is believed to be an all-in-one detox, treating various conditions such as absorbing toxins, rejuvenating yourself, lowering cholesterol, boosting energy, curing hangovers, enhancing diet programs and so on and so forth.

Really? How true is that? Well, a lot of fitness social media influencers and other health-conscious social media users have been posting this viral drink into their feeds lately, so it’s almost certain that it must be popular for some reason. Let’s now see what the charcoal lemonade is and the health benefits of charcoal lemonade.

About the Activated Charcoal

The activated charcoal is just like any other kind of charcoal; however, it is made out of coconut, peat, coal or wood that has been heated with gases that create internal pores. The charcoal is also heated at extremely high temperatures, hence that’s why the activated charcoal gets ultra-absorbent. This high-carbon charcoal is traditionally used in emergency wards to treat drug overdoses as well as poisoning.

The good thing about activated charcoal is that it is absolutely safe to consume being a food-grade material. And the charcoal is what makes the charcoal lemonade black. As for the taste, it has almost no difference at all compared to ordinary yellow lemonades, so there’s no need for you to give a second thought before trying the charcoal lemonade.

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What are the Health Benefits?

Here are the health benefits of charcoal lemonade:

  1. Boosts your Energy in One Way or Another

This is the first known health benefit of the charcoal lemonade. The activated charcoal inside the lemonade doesn’t boost your energy the way caffeine in coffee does it, which is by increasing heartbeat rate. Instead, it provides energy in a more indirect method, at least that is what claimed by Lauren Minchen, a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist from New York City.

  1. It Actually Does Cure Hangover

Activated charcoal is a successful substance in curing hangover thanks to its natural talent as an agent for intense cleansing. “Due to its strong cleansing properties, activated charcoal can help remove toxins from the liver and blood stream after a long night of drinking,” Minchen added. However, it should be take note of that charcoal’s body cleansing properties do not apply for alcohol.

  1. It Gives You Flatter Stomach

Another good news from the activated charcoal is that it can give you flatter stomach within a number of days. Minchen said, “Charcoal helps to cleanse the intestines and colon, which can help people debloat a bit.” Charcoal cleanses the remaining toxins inside intestines and reduces that uncomfortably-full feeling otherwise known as bloating.

However, you should still remember that fat cannot be burnt using charcoal, hence restricting its slimming abilities to the digestive system.

  1. Yes, it is Also a Powerful Detox Beverage

There are many health benefits of charcoal lemonade. Here comes the fourth benefits of drinking activated charcoal. Minchen also said that charcoal pulls toxins from the body and is also a strong detoxifier. For example, from the gastrointestinal tract, environmental factors such as inorganic food, chemicals in the water we drink as well as mold exposure increases the toxic burden in our bodies.

It is very important for us to clean that tract to support overall health and wellness. Indeed, detoxification works even better when we consume only organic fruits and vegetables, meat from grass-fed animals or wild fishes, as well plenty of water over the course of treatment.

  1. It Provides You with Clean, Shiny and White Teeth

Ever worried about the stain caused by coffee or tea on your teeth? Charcoal can help you to get rid of that! Charcoal helps to whiten teeth by changing the oral pH balance, prevent cavities, bad breath as well as gum disease.

It wipes off teeth stain by absorbing plaque and other microscopic germs that cause the stain itself. You can try brushing your teeth with activated charcoal in replacement of toothpastes twice to thrice per week.

  1. Holistic Body and Skin Maintenance

Activated charcoal also turns out to do external cleansing of the body. It also works as an antiseptic for body odor plus acne and also a repellent from insect bite, rashes, to even snake bites!

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  1. Anti-Aging

Aging is a natural process of life, however due to circumstances such as the food we eat, the air we breathe, our house and workplace, our lifestyle, plus the environment we live in speeds up premature aging.

To prevent this, consume activated charcoal twice per day after exposure towards unhealthy meals, polluted environment as well as other toxins. Consumption of activated charcoal also supports an increased cognitive function, a decrease in brain fog, healthier kidney, liver as well as gastrointestinal tract.

  1. Successful in Reducing High Cholesterol (LDL)

Studies around the world prove that activated charcoal reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing good cholesterol (HDL) as good as prescription medicines.

One study observes that activated cholesterol decreases LDL and increases HDL by 41% and 8% respectively within a four-week timeframe. The subjects of the study took three doses of 8g each over the course of the study.

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Health Suggestions and Warnings

  1. Despite being a powerful detoxification agent, however charcoal lemonade’s detoxification process can get a bit too far. Nutrients and other medicinal compounds can be flushed down entirely upon consuming charcoal lemonade. A downside of charcoal is that it can’t properly identify which is vitamins, mineral, or toxins. That’s why, don’t bother joining the charcoal lemonade trend when on medications.
  2. Due to its ability to interfere with nutrients, consume charcoal lemonade three hours after your last meal for maximum and balanced absorption.
  3. Despite being a subjective topic, however some who have tried charcoal lemonade have claimed to find it taste like cement.

Those are basically how the charcoal lemonade provides advantages to your body. You can even see how strong charcoal it is when it comes to being an all-in-one detox for your whole body. If you plan to get healthy, rejuvenated but still trendy, why not try making one on your own? There are various recipes on the Internet for you to follow!