22 Health Benefits of Drinking Shakeology (No.4 Amazing)

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Shakeology is a daily nutritional shake which provides various natural nutrients for your healthy body. It contains the key nutrients groups such as protein, essential amino acids, probiotic, digestive enzymes, antioxidant, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. All of these nutrients bring the health benefits for your body. Per 1 scoop serving size (48g) of Shakeology contain nutrients as follow:

Calories 140
% Daily Value
Total fat 1g2%
Sodium 100mg4%
Total carbohydrate 17g6%
Dietary fiber 3g12%
Protein 15g32%
Vitamin A 5000 IU100%
Vitamin C 180mg300%
Vitamin D 200 IU50%
Vitamin E 15 IU50%
Vitamin K1 40mcg50%
Vitamin B1 1.5mg100%
Vitamin B2 1.3mg77%
Vitamin B3 5mg25%
Vitamin B6 2mg100%
Vitamin B12 6mcg100%
Folic acid 200mcg50%
Biotin 90mcg30%
Pantothenic acid 5mg50%
Calcium 500mg50%
Iron 4mg22%
Phosphorous 250mg25%
Iodine 52mcg35%
Magnesium 80mg20%
Zinc 6mg40%
Cooper 0.8mg40%
Manganese 2mg100%
Chromiun 60mcg50%
Molybdenum 30mcg40%
Whey protein (isolate) 15g


We can see that Shakeology contains complete nutrients. Here are the health benefits of drinking Shakeology for your body:

  1. Aids to lose weight.

Shakeology is the best diet source which aids to lose weight. It contains good proteins which can fulfill your hunger without much intake. It has dietary fiber also that can help to digest the food well so the nutrients can be absorbed optimally for the body.

  1. Maintains normal cholesterol level.

The dietary fiber in Shakeology can bind the cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It is good to maintain the cholesterol in a normal level.

  1. Prevents constipation.

Shakeology is rich in dietary fiber which can prevent constipation. This fiber is making sure the digestive tract will work well to prevent constipation.

  1. Protects and improves the digestive system function.

Shakeology has good combination substances to protect and improve the digestive system function. It comes from zinc mineral and dietary fiber within it. Zinc helps to protect the intestinal mucosa from any damage and the dietary fiber help to digest the food well. This is a great combination for your healthy digestive tract.

  1. Boosts your energy.

The calorie contained in Shakeology is a good source of energy. This is supported by whey protein, an easily absorbable protein that can boost your energy in an optimal way.

  1. Builds the muscle mass.

Shakeology is the best protein source, especially through its whey protein. This protein can build the good muscle mass and provide you an extra energy for your body building process.

  1. Helps to heal the wound quickly.

The protein in Shakeology can also help to heal the wound quickly. It is supported by Vitamin K within it which help to stop the bleeding quickly when there is an open wound.

  1. Supports the brain functions.

Shakeology contains a complete package of vitamin B complexes. These vitamins play the important role in supporting the brain function. In addition, the essential amino acids which are contained in Shakeology can also support the brain and nervous system function. They make the nervous system can work well to send and receive the signal from the brain.

  1. Controls blood sugar level.

A research has proven that the combination of biotin and chromium in Shakeology can lower the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Besides that, the fiber content can also control the blood sugar level both for diabetic patients and healthy persons.

  1. Acts as antioxidant.

Shakeology is a great antioxidant agent. It contains phytochemicals like flavonoid and polyphenol which can fight the free radicals in the body.

  1. Helps to prevent cancer.

The antioxidant role in Shakeology can fight the free radicals that can cause cancer. This can be a great additional diet in patients who are in cancer treatment.

  1. Helps to reduce inflammation.

Flavonoid and polyphenol compounds in Shakeology have the anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to reduce the inflammation process like swelling in the inflammation diseases such as arthritis.

  1. Boosts your immune system.

Shakeology is rich in vitamin C which can boost your immune system. This vitamin has the mechanism to make the antibody stay alert to fight against any infections that may come.

  1. Decreases the risk of degenerative diseases.

The antioxidant effect in Shakeology has also the capability to decrease the risk of degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. It is supported by vitamin C and vitamin B complex which can improve the function of the body organs.

  1. Protects the nervous system.

Shakeology contains vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 that can protect the nervous system from neuropathy diseases. They protect the end of the nerves and reduce the symptoms of tingling and numbness that usually occur in nervous system disorder.

  1. Improves your vision.

Shakeology is rich in vitamin A which can improve your vision and maintain the healthy eyes.

  1. Strengthens the bones and teeth.

The combination of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D in Shakeology are best for the healthy bones and teeth. They help in bone and teeth formation and can strengthen them.

  1. Keep the healthy skin.

Shakeology contains vitamin E also. As we know, vitamin E is important to keep the healthy skin. It is supported by its vitamin C content which can protect the skin from early aging and dull so it makes the brighter skin.

  1. Help to prevent anemia.

Shakeology contains iron mineral which plays the important role in red blood cell formation to prevent anemia. It is supported well by vitamin C which helps the iron absorption in the body.

  1. Reduces the muscle cramp.

The magnesium content in Shakeology has the function to make the muscle relax. This is good to reduce the incidence of muscle cramp that may happen.

  1. Strengthens the hairs and nails.

Molybdenum in Shakeology is a substance that can strengthen the hairs and nails. It is supported by the other vitamins and minerals to reduce the hair fall and spontaneous nails damage.

  1. Prevent the decreasing of cognitive functions.

Shakeology has the health benefit to prevent the decreasing of cognitive functions through its essential amino acids. They help to protect the brain nerves and make the good connections of neurotransmitter to send the information well in the brain. This electrical activity in the brain will stimulate the brain to improve its cognitive function and prevent from brain aging disease such dementia or Alzheimer.

22 health benefits of drinking Shakeology have been explained above. You can drink this nutritional shake regularly one glass a day. However, you can’t depend on this drink only. You should eat the proportional diet and do the regular exercise at least three times a week also to grab the healthy life.