Surprisingly Benefits of Camel Milk for Diabetes

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Some scientific studies have found out the close relation between calcium consumption and the lower risk of diabetes type 2. Milk is one of the main sources of calcium and there are a lot of types of milk you could consume and one that recently becomes popular is camel milk. Though there are a lot of questions and speculation about the benefits of camel milk for diabetes.

Why Camel Milk Is Good for Diabetes?

One of the amazing thing about camel milk is according to some scientific studies, this type of milk is containing high insulin content which is good for diabetes patients especially patients with diabetes type 2. Aside from that calcium content in dairy product like camel milk will give positive effect as well not only to manage the blood sugar level but also as preventive action. The list of benefits of camel milk below will inform you in details.

  1. Contains High Insulin Content

Over a decade ago, the very first study about the possibility of camel milk may be beneficial for diabetes conducted in northwest India, specifically in Raica community. Diabetes doesn’t exist in that community due to the people are regularly consuming camel milk. Further studies proven that camel milk is containing high insulin content which is good for patients diabetes type 1 which pancreas cannot produce insulin normally to manage their blood sugar level by providing insulin externally.

  1. Decreases Insulin Resistance

Further studies also conducted in patients with diabetes type 2 which body is commonly resisting insulin so glucose becomes excessive in the blood. Well, consuming camel milk may help decreasing the symptoms of insulin resistance or in other words improving the insulin sensitivity to prevent the spike of blood sugar level.

  1. Reduces the Reliance of Injections

Insulin injection is one of the solutions that modern medical world could offer for patients with diabetes type 1. It is because they cannot only depend on the insulin produced naturally by the pancreas. However, by consuming camel milk regularly, as mentioned in point 1 which contains high insulin content, may reduce the reliance of ijections.

  1. Excellent Source of Calcium

Calcium is essential for patients who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes. It is a common knowledge that dairy product is the most natural calcium source, including camel milk. Health benefits of calcium for diabetes patients are not only maintaining bones health and bones density but also able to reduce the risk of diabetes, especially diabetes type 2.

  1. Contains Higher Zinc Content

Some studies also stated that one of the significant minerals that found in camel milk is zinc. Among other types of minerals, zinc has prominent role in optimizing the production of insulin. Zinc is one of the mineral used in the formation of insulin in the pancreas. The result is either insulin production is optimized or insulin sensitivity is improved.

  1. Has Positive Effect in Glycemic Control

One of the reasons behind the spike of blood sugar is when you are consuming foods with high glycemic level. Camel milk is not only considered as one of the low glycemic foods but also able to control the glycemic level in your blood.

  1. Manages Post-Meal Glucose Level

As mentioned in the previous point, drinking a cup of camel milk may help managing the post-meal glucose level. In severe conditions is very difficult for diabetic patients to even consume normal meal. So, some of them should suffer the spike of blood sugar level every time they have a meal. Camel milk is the best solution in this matter.

  1. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

From some points mentioned above you could make a summery that drinking camel milk may have positive effect in managing your blood sugar, even camel milk could lower blood sugar level significantly.

  1. Low Allergen Alternative of Dairy Product

One of the benefits you could get from camel milk is compared to other dairy products camel milk has low allergen effect. It could be low allergen alternative of dairy products for those who are allergic to dairy product.

  1. Improves Body Metabolism

Having healthy and normal metabolism is essential for diabetic patients. Camel milk contains some essential vitamins and minerals which are great to help you improving your body metabolism.

  1. Defence Against Diabetes

Don’t wait until it is too late. Consuming camel milk regularly has been proven to be an effective defence against diabetes. It is better to prevent it than to cure it. Well, until today still there is no solution from both modern and traditional medication that could cure diabetes, so it is best for you to prevent it as early as possible.

Cautions of Consuming Camel Milk

There are a lot of strong evidences that showed camel milk has positive result in diabetes patients. That is why recently camel milk becomes one of the important dairy products due to its possibility to reduce the worst effect of both types of diabetes. However, still some cautions below are important to learn as well.

  • Camel milk is one of the dairy products and though there are a lot of health benefits of milk but still some people cannot consume it due to lactose intolerance. So, for those who are suffering lactose intolerance, should be super careful in consuming camel milk though this milk is considered has lower allergen effect compared to other types of milk.
  • There are specific studies that proven, those who are regularly consuming camel milk could reduce the reliance of insulin injections. Well, though there are a lot of evidences, consulting your condition with your doctor before adding camel milk as part of your diabetes treatment is highly recommended for you to do.
  • Though camel milk becomes one of the most wanted commodities right now but still very difficult to find this milk in some countries. That is why if it is still difficult for you to find camel milk in your country, finding an alternative solution is the best thing you could do in this matter.

It is such amazing invention that camel milk may be beneficial for diabetes. Though diabetes is types of disease that you cannot cure completely but even if you have been diagnosed with this disease is not the end of the world. There are a lot of alternative solution you could search to help you dealing with your condition and the benefits of camel milk for diabetes mentioned above is just one example you could choose as alternative diabetes treatment.