5 Important Mental Health Benefits of Recreation for The Elderly with Tips

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Everyone must have experienced stress with a variety of causes. Stress is called normal when stress does not significantly affect a person’s life.

Stress is actually a natural process of the body in responding to the surrounding environment. However, stress should be a serious concern when a person’s life is disrupted such as loss of appetite, a state of the body shivering like a person with severe cold, and more.

That’s why they need to do something in order to relieve it, like having the health benefits of maral root, for example.

Stress is an unpleasurable condition that greatly affects a person’s emotional level, mind processes, and physical condition. 

In certain conditions, stress can even cause negative impacts such as high blood pressure, dizziness, sadness, difficulty concentrating, not being able to sleep as usual, being too sensitive, depression, and others.

If it already affects such a life, then it should be consulted immediately with a doctor or psychiatrist.  Not only for us young adults, stress is also a common mental and health problem in seniors.

Stress in Elderly

Symptoms of stress that usually arise in the elderly also affect their health, increasing the risk of stroke, coronary heart, high blood pressure, excessive fear, crying, memory that decreases sharply, easily influenced by others, and can even withdraw from society completely..

Stressful conditions in the elderly can be interpreted by unbalanced conditions, the presence of unpleasant pressures or disorders that are usually created when the elderly see the inequality between the state and the system of biological, psychological, and social resources that are closely related to the response to threats and dangers faced during their age.

The elderly are also very susceptible to stress disorders because naturally they have experienced a decrease in the ability to maintain life, adjust to their environment, body functions, and psyche naturally. 

Many factors influence the stressful state of the elderly, and they need to take care of it by doing fun stuff like health benefits of storytelling.

Other than that, sometimes they can go somewhere, recreational places with their family. Aside from it’s fun, this activity may bring various health benefits, such as:

Mental Health Benefits of Recreation for The Elderly

  • Relieves Stress

The first benefit of this entertainment or recreation is being able to lower a person’s stress level, even to the point of relieving stress, similar to the benefits of playing bingo

Busy work or other activities that are considered able to make a person feel pressured and stressed can disappear when visiting  a  new place where one can see a new atmosphere, new things that are able to produce a happy feeling.

Especially when the elderly visit open green nature tourism, seeing the scenery of open green nature can make the heart feel calmer, while make the eyes become more relaxed especially for those of you who often see the computer screen

Seeing this green scenery is mandatory for you to do so that the quality of eye health can be maintained properly. 

  • Strengthening Family Relationships

In addition to being able to make the mind refreshed, it turns out that this activity can also help us to strengthen relationships with family. When we are vacationing with family, our communication with the family can be better without even us realizing it.

Therefore, when family relationships are considered to be less good, vacation is the best solution that you have to do. Bringing a better harmony to the family surely brings happiness to your face.

  • Makes Body Healthier

Similar to the mental benefits of exercise, recreation can also be one of the fun ways of exercise.

When doing a recreation, we can walk for hours without even realizing it. Vacation always includes sports that we usually do not like, such walking.

For example, like a woman, they will feel tired quickly when deliberately walking around the jogging track, but surely they will not feel tired at all when they walk around a mall that may be larger than a jogging track.

  • Provides Longer Lifespan

Various diseases could attack elderly if they’re not treating their mind and body well. Recreation is the way to go to solve all these problems. You do know that happiness and health conditions are highly related, right?

Poor or stressed state of mind can make our body unhealthy, while on the contrary, feelings of joy and happiness are able to make our health better.

They can have a longer life when the feeling is always happy, and this is one of the efforts to make it happen.

  • Get Out from Loneliness

Elderly are usually exposed to the risks of being lonely. Everyone can’t stand around being all by themselves all the time. Sometimes, they need to go outside, see some people and environment.

Recreation can be pleasing not only for them, but also their friends. Similar to the health benefits of playing tennis, they can have fun while maintaining body condition at the same time.

While being with others, a person can be less stressed out. Elderly can have fun with their friends, be more happy and pleased. This way, they can always be healthy.

Tips to Stay Fit During Vacation

One of the purposes of a vacation is to gain tranquility for a moment. But in reality, we often do not maintain the health of the body and can not manage stress while on vacation. 

This causes the holiday to be less pleasant and tends to be tiring so it gives less positive effect when after a vacation. Here are some tips for staying fit while you’re on vacation:

  • Plan the time and type of transportation
  • Getting enough sleep 
  • Stay actively moving 
  • Meet and adjust nutritional needs 
  • Avoid contact with routines to avoid stress