7 Hard to Miss Health Benefits of Yoga in The Morning

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Yoga has lately become one of the light exercises that are quite in trend. If previously yoga was more commonly known as meditation practice, now yoga is also believed to be able to burn some calories, so it is considered good to prevent heart disease, joint pain, and fight stress.

As mentioned in the benefits of sarvangasana, this Yoga activity  is actually a body and mind sport. The benefits of yoga not only help the body to be fresher and fitter, but it can also help control stress and reduce the sense of restlessness. 

It has a wide variety of types and movements. For those of you who are new to yoga, maybe you will be a little confused as to what type of yoga suits you. However, one type of yoga that is usually recommended for beginners is hatha yoga.

All types of yoga can basically help you to be more relaxed by relieving body tension, and calm the mind. In order to get the desired results, you must choose the type of yoga that suits the purpose of doing yoga as well as your personal preferences. 

Maybe you can make hatha, iyengar, and kripalu yoga as a start, and achieve the benefits of hatha yoga, because this type of yoga has light movements. But with all these choices of yoga movements, is there actually the best time to do this practice?

Well, according to popular beliefs, the best time to do it is in the morning, when everything is about to start. You get the best fresh air, and a nice calming situation that’s perfect for Yoga.

This fact is also supported by the book called “Yoga Cure for Common Diseases” that’s written by Dr Phulgenda Sinha. She mentioned in the book that the best time to do some Yoga is in the morning, especially when your stomach is still empty.

Now that you understand some information Yoga, here’s the benefits of Yoga in the morning :

Health Benefits of Yoga in The Morning

1. Increases Your Metabolism

This is one of the biggest health benefits of yoga in the morning. When you practice it as the first thing you do after waking up, you’ll be able to be more spirited and build up metabolism throughout the day.

You can do it in a few minutes to stimulate the digestive system. This will help relieve fatigue, flatulence and be ready to live the day with a sense of vigor.

As explained in the health benefits of children’s yoga, this activity is also good for your kids! Create a fun yoga session in the morning with them, and make it a routine. 

2. You Can be Younger!

The simplest thing you do every morning can have a good impact on skin health. Skin becomes firmer and makes you look youthful.

According to a book, “The New Yoga for Healthy Aging” by Suza Francina, doing some Yoga, in fact, can somehow revert the aging process. This doesn’t mean only physically, but also spiritually. 

The book also shows how incredible it is to have some people in their late years performing some of the hardest Yoga poses with ease! For seniors, Yoga can be a kind of game changer for their lives.

Also, as mentioned in the benefits of yoga for elder, practicing yoga regularly will make all parts of the body stronger, ranging from arms, back, to legs. Everything will be better for inside and outside. For those of you who are currently overweight, this way will be very helpful in burning calories.

3. Improves Your Sleep Quality

Have you ever found it so difficult to get up early because at night, you find it very difficult to sleep. The eyes won’t just close if it’s not midnight. This obviously interferes with the quality of sleep, and if you experience this, then the solution is to do yoga in the morning.

Do it regularly, so your sleep will be healthier and your sleep pattern will also be well formed. The reason is that when practicing yoga, you will focus on breathing and meditation, creating some sort of peace of mind.

This will create a positive effect on the endocrine system, which produces hormones and is responsible for the long-term maintenance of the body. 

4. Increases Your Flexibility (best for people who always work in the office)

For many people, sitting in an office chair all day is a nightmare because it makes them less flexible. If you want to get off this problem real soon, you can try to do some yoga in the morning. Moving and stretching your body will make you feel more energetic and prepare for a super busy day. 

Doing yoga will gain flexibility on the back, shoulders, and hips. Too much sitting can cause pain and immobility, so try practicing yoga every day to prevent this problem.

5. Reduces Stress Significantly

Almost any type of exercise can help a person prevent and overcome depression, as well as yoga. Some studies show that yoga can reduce anxiety, stress, and improve a person’s mood and physical and psychic well-being. 

This activity also serves benefits of yoga for students, which can be really helpful for them.

6. Improves Lungs Health

Doing yoga in the morning is very beneficial to give the lungs more space to breathe. Because you have to stretch the parts of the body combined with withdrawal and deep breathing. This can improve lung function.

In addition, yoga also improves breathing, which helps filter the air, warm and moisturize it, remove dust or pollen or other harmful components that should not be inserted into the lungs.

7. Relieves You from Troubling Asthma

Relapsing asthma can be very annoying and quite excruciating. To overcome this, try to do yoga regularly. 

A study conducted on mild to moderate asthma sufferers, suggests that some breathing-related yoga moves, such as Pranayama, can help alleviate asthma symptoms.