4 Astonishing Health Benefits Tamanu Oil for Skin

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You are probably familiar with benefits of lemongrass oil, or maybe the other kind of essential oil. But how about Tamanu oil? The oil is the extracted result from the special tamanu trees.

It’s actually a beautiful flowering tree that blooms twice a year and produces a fruit that tastes similar to apples. In the middle of the fruit there are seeds, and it is these seeds that have oil content.

Tamanu trees are widely cultivated as medicinal plants and also known as kamani or fohara tree which is a plant native to Southeast Asia.

The common belief is that Tamau oil is highly beneficial as an ingredient to make cosmetics, since it is rich in fatty acids and contains antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidants.

The use of tamanu oil is quite a lot, one of which is to treat and improve the condition of damaged skin and soften and smooth the skin.

Similar to the benefits of kumquat essential oil, tamanu oil is a fairly potent drug because of its ability to produce new skin tissue, anti-inflammatory, anti neuralgic, antibiotic and antioxidant.

Ancient Polynesians people already used the oil to treat various diseases, including wounds. In the modern era as it is today, the oil is widely used to treat scars, acne scars, dark spots, stretch marks, dry and chapped skin. Other uses can be used as first aid in treating bruises, rheumatism, burns and others.

The oil itself is actually not oily and can easily be absorbed by the skin. In cosmetic products usually tamanu oil is used as a dye or aroma ingredient for creams, lotions and perfumes.

Because it has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, tamanu oil is often used to treat ringworm, ulcers, conjunctivitis, and other infections. 

Other benefits of tamanu oil include treating hemorrhoids, sore throat, acne, bitten by insects, scaly skin, diaper rash, postoperative wounds and eczema.

However, even though it’s highly beneficial, please do remember that tamanu oil is only used for external use. The price of tamanu oil is a little expensive, but it can last up to a full year if stored in a dry and cool place. And for those who suffer from allergies to nuts it is best to be careful before using them.

If you feel interested to try tamanu oil-contained cosmetics, here are the health benefits of tamanu oil for skin:

Health Benefits Tamanu Oil for Skin

1. Overcoming Acne

As everybody knows, acne is a simple yet very annoying problem for the face. And worse, it will reduce your confidence, greatly. In order to overcome this common issue, you just need to take it easy since you can handle it with much ease by using tamanu oil.

In addition to overcoming acne, this natural oil is able to accelerate the wound healing process effectively, highly reducing the acne.

With the same methods as in  benefits of black seed oil, it is recommended to use three to four drops to the surface of the hands, rubbing them first until warm, then applying it entirely to the face.

Natural heat coming from the surface of the palm will help the oil absorb better into the surface of the skin, so even though it feels a little bit uncomfortable at first, the results will be pleasing.

2. Natural Anti-aging

The occurrence of signs of aging on the face seems to be a nightmare for women. However the sign is bound to happen, but you can still prevent it. There are many ways to do it, but one of the most effective natural ways is to take advantage of natural facial treatments by using tamanu oil.

The oil has a high content of antioxidants and fatty acids, which is very important to fight various signs of aging such as wrinkled skin, and loosening.

Its high antioxidants make it a shield on the facial skin from pollution and toxic substances capable of damaging the skin. Antioxidants provide another benefit, which is to regenerate damaged skin cells.

3. Removing the “Panda Eyes”

Panda eyes make you not confident? No need to worry, you can solve the problem easily, by utilizing tamanu oil. Aside from the benefits of peppermint oil, the high content of fatty acids in tamanu oil makes this oil suitable for use on thin parts of the skin such as the lower eye circles in order to make it more moist.

Therefore, tamanu oil is suitable for dealing with puffy eyes. However, when using this natural oil to remove panda eyes, of course you have to be patient.

The resulting aroma is very strong and can make you uncomfortable when using it as an eye serum. So, endure the smell, and apply it nicely.

4. Removing Blackspots

Aside from the little-but-annoying acne, blackspots also become a frustrating facial problem for most people. Black spots themselves are a hyperpigmentation that is common in women’s skin when they enter middle age. They tend to appear when excessive production of melanin occurs in certain areas of the body, such as on the forehead, face, or cheeks. 

However, we also need to be vigilant if black spots still arise on the face area because this can be a sign of a more serious skin problem and it is good to consult a dermatologist.

Consulting a dermatologist will make us know more about the skin problems we experience and what we should do so as not to aggravate the state of the skin.

You can also try several natural alternative ways by using fresh ingredients, including the tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is not only useful for anti-aging, but also able to overcome black spots caused by skin cell damage. 

It’s able to stimulate the formation of collagen and GAG that can help the process of skin regeneration.

If you do it regularly, then black spots and acne scars can disappear at the same time. You can also add the other ingredients to make the aroma more pleasing, like benefits of chamomile oil, for example.