10 Top Health Benefits of Charcoal Soap for Lightening Skin

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charchoal soapBathing is a physical activity that we do from small to old age even when we are dead, some people who live still bathe our bodies. Bathing is a fun activity especially after you work hard all day, then the bath can relieve fatigue in the body. And every time we take a bath, the most necessary thing is a bath soap. Soap today is so many kinds and one of them is charcoal soap. Health benefits of charcoal soap for lighten skin is believed to have many benefits for the health of our bodies.

Maybe some of us feel weird about the use of charcoal as the ingredients of making bath soap. But the fact is that many people who benefit from the use of charcoal soap for health and skin beauty. This is due to good nutritional content in charcoal soap, some of which are:

The benefits of using charcoal soap include:

  1. Kill the bad bacteria on the skin surface

In Egypt since hundreds and even thousands of years ago the use of health benefits bamboo charcoal soap as a material that clean the wound has been known to have a function to heal because charcoal has a natural antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria that can aggravate the wound on the skin.

  1. Prevent itching

Sambiloto extract contained in charcoal soap is an excellent ingredient in killing the bacteria that cause itching in snake gourd health benefits on your body.

  1. Removing excess oil

Oily skin for some people will be very disturbing activity especially if it is a stinging summer. The charcoal component is believed to have excellent oil absorbing function so charcoal soap is perfect for your oily skin in health benefits of jojoba oil for skin.

  1. Eliminate the dirt

Charcoal soap is very effective and efficient in cleaning the dirt on the body. In the Hindu tradition, charcoal is commonly used to filter water to be clear-free dirt.

  1. Overcoming skin irritation

Skin irritation is usually caused by the presence of germs on sensitive skin. Use charcoal to keep your sensitive skin protected from germs that cause irritation in health benefits of banana leaves.

  1. Eliminating toxins

Charcoal soap contains ingredients that can absorb dirt as well as toxins that stick to your body.

  1. Reduce patches on the skin

Charcoal soap good for lighten skin. One of them is removing spots such as a thin stain on the skin.

  1. Eliminate body odor

Biang sweat caused by bacteria often cause your body odor is not delicious. These bacteria will disappear when you use charcoal soap.

  1. Brighten the skin

The main function of charcoal soap as a whole is to brighten the skin.

  1. Maintain skin moisture

Healthy skin indicator is the maintenance of skin moisture. the use of charcoal soap can always keep your skin moist.


The use of charcoal soap can indeed make lighten skin, but if too often without offset with an additional moisturizer on the skin, it will cause dry skin. Health benefits of charcoal soap for lighten skin is very effective at destroying bacteria as well as dead skin cells, but if too often, the skin cells that are still alive can be exposed to charcoal scour as well.