10 Super Health Benefits of Ewedu during Pregnancy

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eweduEwedu is a plant that has been known and consumed since thousands of years BC. According to one study, the consumption or utilization of the health benefits of ewedu during pregnancy was done by the Egyptians. Even supposedly said that Queen Cleopatra also consume it and maybe it became one of the foods that affect the health and beauty.

Lots of nutrient content found by modern researchers, including:


  1. Ward off free radicals

The presence of vitamin C, E and A is an excellent combination to counteract tissue damage caused by the free radical attack. Women who are pregnant need to consume ewedu to maintain their health.

  1. Good for healthy bones and teeth

Pregnant women desperately need a high calcium intake of food to help in the growth and development of bones and teeth of the baby. Ewedu is the right food because it contains calcium.

  1. Optimize fetal development

Vitamin A found in ewedu has an important role in the formation of tissues and organs in the fetus such as the eyes, bones and fetal skin tissue.

  1. Maintain eye health post-delivery

Delivery in some cases of pregnant women is at risk for eye health. This is because of the process of pushing during childbirth that affects the contraction of the eye muscles. Ewedu which contains lots of vitamin A is very good in overcoming this problem.

  1. Prevent beriberi disease in infants

Vitamin B1 or Thiamin deficiency based on research becomes a key factor in the emergence of beriberi disease in infants through breast milk. Ewedu contains excellent Thiamin to be consumed during pregnancy.

  1. Maintain the development of reproductive organs and body tissues

The content of vitamin B2 or Riboflavin has an important role in building body tissue and also the development of reproductive organs.

  1. Good for the health of the nervous system

Niacin contained in ewedu is believed to be very good for the development and treatment of the nervous system, both in the mother and fetus.

  1. Prevent anemia

Vitamin C found in ewedu is an influential compound in the process of absorption of iron by the body. So it will automatically prevent anemia disease.

  1. Maintain the health of the cardiovascular system

Eating ewedu is very good for people with heart disease is mainly caused by narrowing of blood vessels. Vitamin E in ewedu has the function of widening blood vessels.

  1. Improve the body’s cells

The formation and development of body cells will be very massive experienced by pregnant women because of the developing fetus. Ewedu contains proteins that help the process of forming new cells.


Often pregnant women will experience a feeling of nausea that makes it difficult to consume food. Although the health benefits of ewedu during pregnancy is very good, if pregnant women do not want to eat it, it will not get the benefits. Make ewedu as an additional ingredient of fish or chicken soup to increase your appetite and benefit from consuming ewedu. The sausage-like cuisine is usually very liked by pregnant women.