14 Scientific Health Benefits of Spanish Lime (No.7 Works!)

Spanish lime (Melicoccus bijugatus) is a rare, exotic fruits native in South and Central America, also Carribean. It is a member of soapberry family, means it is closed relative of lychee and longans. It is also called genip, genipe, ginepa, quenepa, quenepe, chenet, canepa, mamon, limoncillo, skinip, kinnip. It can be found both cultivated or […]

13 Health Benefits of Vanilla Beans – Skin – Hair – Sexual Treatments

Vanilla beans are fruit pods produced by tropical climbing orchids, Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla pompona and Vanilla tahitiensis. Among the 3 cultivars, V.planifolia is the most common worldwide. The beans are pleasantly fragrant and have been used since the ancient time by Mayan people to flavor their chocolate drinks. Even now, vanilla is used worldwide for […]

15 Top Health Benefits of Ackee Fruit (No One Knows)

Ackee (Blighia sapida) is a member of soapberry family. It’s the close relative of longan and lychee. Ackee is native to Guyana and West Africa, but now it’s cultivated largely in Jamaica, where it is considered as a national fruit. When unripe, ackee fruit looks like a watery rose apple fruit, the seams are still […]

13 Health Benefits of Eating Fruits on an Empty Stomach #Surprising

Fruits! No doubt it is one of the best treats from the Mother Nature. Fruits are tasty, with sweet-sour-sometimes tangy flavors. Fruits also contain plenty of substances needed by our body to stay healthy, such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. Eating a lot of fruits also gives positive effects on beauty, since fruits have […]

17 Health Benefits of Bilimbi Fruit (Beauty & Reproduction Organs)

Bilimbi fruit (Averrhoa bilimbi) also known as cucumber tree or tree sorrel, is a tropical fruit native to Malaysia and Indonesia. It is the closed relative of star fruit (Carambola sp). Now bilimbi is cultivated throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Central and South America. The fruits are small, with cylindrical-elliptical shape. […]

14 Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit for Beauty #Super

Baobab fruit (Adansonia sp) is native to Africa and Australia. Baobab is the common name of 9 species of the genus Adansonia. Adansonia digitata is the most known one for producing fruits. The fruits have been exported worldwide, mostly in the form of powdered fruit. Baobab fruit has a velvety hard outer shell and about […]

20 Health Benefits of Santol Fruit #1 Beauty & Female Organs

Santol fruit (Sandoricum koetjape) is an exotic fruit, native to Indochina and Malayan Peninsula. Now it’s widely cultivated in warm tropical countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, tropical Africa, Mexico, dan tropical Central and South America. In Indonesia, it’s called wild mangosteen, kecapi, or sentul. The fruit is round, about the size of an […]