Health Benefits of Gorditas and Sopes – You’ll Love It

Gorditas and sopes are two renditions of pretty much something very similar. A little, stodgy corn mixture snack, gorditas are fried before being loaded down with beans, cheddar, and meats and topped with salsas and cream. Sopes are essentially equivalent to gorditas, with the exception of the garnishes go on the top, not inside the […]

Health Benefits of Tamales – Traditional Mexican Dish

Stodgy, consoling and flavorful; tamales are representative of Mexican street food and are the staple of numerous a Mexican mother’s kitchen, particularly over the happy period and during national festivals. Normally produced using a starchy, corn-based masa (batter), tamales are most regularly enveloped by corn husks before being steamed and served hot with hot salsas […]

Health Benefits of Churros – Tasty Spanish Snack

Churros are bits of fried dough covered with cinnamon and sugar, a typical road sustenance in Spanish and Latin American societies that has picked up ubiquity in America in the previous decade. It is produced from deep-fried unsweetened batter and sprinkled with sugar. Health Benefits of Chocolate Brownies and Health Benefits of Kale Chips – […]

Benefits of Vegetable Burrito without Eggs – Is It Yummy and Healthy?

People need a lot of energy for breakfast as they are going to conduct some activities. Many people said that a good breakfast will bring a good start for the day. Porridge, chicken rice, sandwich and many more food are commonly eaten as breakfast dish. Burrito is also one of them. Because of its small […]