Health Benefits of Jujube Seeds – The Essential Vitamin and Mineral

Of course, just like its name the jujube seeds are the seeds of the jujube tree. For those who still don’t have an idea of what jujube is, it is a small sized shrub measuring 5 to 12 meters with thorny sharp branches. The leaves are shiny green with an oval-like shape, while the flowers […]

19 Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit #1 Top Chinese Herbal

Still in the theme of health benefits, now we will talk about health benefits of jujube fruit. Do you know something about it? Yup. Jujube is a general name of Ziziphus jujuba. In other name jujube called as red date palm, Chinese date palm, Korean date palm, or Indian date palm. Jujube is a species […]