Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins When You’re Not Pregnant

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Every woman wants to feel pregnant and willbecome a mother. To prepare for the presence of the baby, of course, it takescareful preparation. Especially in terms of nutrition so that the baby is notdeformed and grows perfectly in the mother’s stomach.

Usually, many mothers consume the benefits of prenatal vitamins when they’re not pregnant to prepare. Of course, taking pregnant vitamins like the benefits vitamin A during pregnancy should not be arbitrary and must obtain the approval of a gynecologist.

In general, prenatal vitamins contain 3nutrients, namely:

Some of the benefits of prenatal vitamins thatyou should know are as follows:

  • Prevent birth defects

Prenatal vitamins contain vitamin B9 or commonly known as folate. The function of folate is to improve brain function and be beneficial for cell growth. That way, the risk of birth defects can be prevented with this folate. moreover, during the first trimester, the fetus needs health benefits of folic acid for spinal cord growth

  • Fulfilling daily folate needs

For those of you who areplanning a pregnancy, taking prenatal vitamins is highly recommended. Toimprove nutrition before the fetus develops.

  • In addition to iron

During pregnancy, women need more health benefits of iron intake than before pregnancy. Iron is needed for the formation of red blood cells that function as carriers of oxygen throughout the body. The fetus needs iron so that the placenta grows properly and nutrients can be absorbed to the maximum

  • Make bones strong

Calcium in prenatal vitaminsis an important mineral during pregnancy. Calcium serves to maintain hormonesand help muscles contract. But unfortunately, prenatal vitamins do not contain100 percent of the calcium needed. So it requires additional calciumsupplements in addition to prenatal vitamins

  • Good for the baby’s brain

60% of a baby’s brain iscomposed of fat. Therefore, good fat intake is needed during pregnancy. Manyprenatal vitamins contain good fats. Good fat deficiency during pregnancy isassociated with low IQ and premature birth

  •  Reducing the risk of complications

Another benefit that you canget by consuming the benefits of prenatal vitamins when you’re not pregnant isreducing the risk of complications such as low baby weight. A study has shownthat women who take prenatal vitamins have a lower risk of complicationscompared to those who do not consume them

  • Maintaining the health ofpregnant women

The health of pregnant womenneeds to be maintained by taking prenatal vitamins. Because this supplementcontains vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Because nutrition is usuallyabsorbed perfectly by the baby during pregnancy.

In addition to consuming the benefits of prenatal vitamins when you’re not pregnant, you should also consume nutritious foods. For example the benefits of peanuts pregnancy.