Super Benefits of Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

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activated charchoal whitening teeth

Nowadays there is a growing trend in the use of activated charcoal for health, from skin health to teeth whitening. Activated charcoal is different from ordinary charcoal, activated charcoal has gone through a healing process with high temperatures so that it has different content from ordinary charcoal. Warming will enlarge the pores in each charcoal particle. The existence of these pores captures or absorbs impurities. The ingredients used to make activated charcoal are very natural. Some of them are coconut shells, olive seeds, and wood wool. Read also: health benefits of drinking activated charcoal

There are already many toothpaste products that contain benefits of activated charcoal teeth whitening. Based on research, activated charcoal is believed to have properties to clean teeth optimally and is able to make teeth health.

How can toothpaste containing activatedcharcoal clean teeth better than toothpaste without active charcoal? Accordingto one dental health expert from the New York University College of Dentistryin the USA, pores that form on activated charcoal will bind the dirt on thesurface of the teeth.

  • Make teeth white

The nature of activated charcoal which can bind the dirt on the surface of the teeth will make the tooth surface clean and will return to its original color which is white. As we all know that teeth are not white or yellowish in color due to dirt or plaque that sticks to the surface of the teeth. Even though activated charcoal is black, the fact is that it will make your teeth white.

If you don’t have toothpaste that contains activated charcoal, you can mix your own toothpaste. You may also read: benefits of chewing cloves for teeth health

  • Eliminating bad breath

Dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the teeth, especially on cavities, will cause a foul odor. This is because bacteria develop rapidly in feces. Dental hygiene because activated charcoal will certainly eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath. Active charcoal also has anti-bacterial properties, so it will be able to kill germs and bacteria that are in the mouth and between the teeth, like benefits guava leaves teeth.

  • Refresh your mouth

With clean teeth and mouth hygiene, make your mouth feel fresher. If you’ve ever cleaned tartar, a fresh sensation will be felt in the mouth. Then that’s the sensation when you finish using activated charcoal as toothpaste. You must read this: danger of fluoride in water toothpaste

But you need to be careful when using the benefits of activated charcoal teeth whitening to whiten teeth. This is because its strong binding properties also have an effect on eroding the enamel or protective layer on the teeth. This will make your teeth sensitive to food with extreme temperatures both cold and hot. Because excessive use can cause cavities. And this will be a new problem for your dental health.