6 Useful Benefits of Lotrimin for Skin Problems

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At some points, skin problems such as jock itch, athlete’s foot, or ringworm can occur. These problems sometimes can be irritating and cause inconvenience to the person who affected. Most skin problems are caused by fungal infection, though sometimes bacteria or virus can be the culprit.

Fortunately, there are many methods and products that can solve most skin problems caused by fungal infection. Indeed, preventing skin problems by taking care of yourself, keep the environment clean, etc is better. But, if the skin problems already occurred, you have to treat it with the right product. Well, there are many skin treatment product out there you can buy, but you have to choose the best one for your skin problem you currently have.

For anti-fungal infection, you can try lotrimin cream (also available in spray and powder form). Based on the website’s description, lotrimin products specifically designed for skin problems caused by fungal infection, for example, jock itch, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and so on and so forth. In this particular writing, you will learn about the benefits of lotrimin. One thing to note, this writing doesn’t have any promotional purposes, it’s purely written to provide information. OK, without further ado, here are the information :

Chemical Composition of Lotrimin

As a manmade product, it is common for lotrimin to be composed of chemical compounds. Also, it is should be noted that chemical composition may vary depend on the variant of lotrimin, in which there are ten variants in total, according to the lotrimin website. But, in average, the basic ingredients are the same.

Based on the drug facts in the website, lotrimin contains varied amounts of butenafine hydrochloride and one percent of clotrimazole as active ingredients. Both Butenafine hydrochloride and Clotrimazole, based on scientists’ report, is proven to be effective againts various pathogen that cause skin problems. Other chemicals that contribute to lotrimin’s antifungal effect include cetyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, cetyl esters wax, octyldodecanol, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, stearyl alcohol, and water. (See also : Health Benefits of Inka Coffee)

OK, here are some useful benefits of lotrimin :

1. It has antifungal properties

One of the benefits of using lotrimin is its antifungal. According to various sources, lotrimin is widely known for its antifungal effects. As a result, lotrimin is highly effective againts various skin problems, e.g. athlete’s foot, ringworm, and jock itch. Of course, the user must understand how to effectively apply this product. For instance, read the instruction on the product label. (Recommended : Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss and Toning)

2. You can use it to cure athlete’s foot

Another useful benefits of lotrimin. According to medical experts, athlete’s foot is a fairly common skin problem caused by fungal infection, and always affect the foot (usually the area between the toes, but also can happen in the bottom are in several occasions), indicated by redness between the toes, scale on the foot sole, and feeling of itch. Athlete’s foot largely occurs because the foot is left wet for long period of time, especially if the water’s hygiene is still being questioned.

That foot may infected by some fungi species that inhabit wet and humid places, such as the floor of public bathroom, a wet shoes, etc. It is obviously strongly advised againts wearing a wet shoes, because the risk of having athlete’s foot.

It is also recommended not walking on bathroom’s floor barefoot (especially public toilet). However, if the athlete’s foot has already affected the foot, lotrimin can be applied to the infected area as a first act of treatment. Its antifungal ingredients are effective againts those fungi. (Also read : Health Benefits of Pork Lard

3. It can be used to treat jock itch

This one’s also benefits of lotrimin that useful againts fungal infection. One of skin problem caused by fungi is jock itch. Judging from the name alone we would perhaps recognize it and at least, have heard of it. Well, according to some researches, jock itch is a skin diseases often affect male and usually in the area of the crotch.

It is usually caused by fungal infection, but in other times also caused by many factors, for example, private area cleanliness, excess amount of oil, humidity, etc. This skin problem can be really irritating and cause some inconvenience and may even interrupt with your activities if not treated well and immediately.

For the severe case of jock itch, you might need to go to hospital and consult the doctor, because it will need to be diagnosed. If it is only several days old you can apply lotrimin cream on the affected area. This way, at least, the itchiness and irritation can be minimized. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Lorazepam)

4. It works well againts ringworm disease

Ringworm is another common skin problem mainly caused by fungal infection. Also known by the name “tinea” or Dermaphytosis, usually indicated by the red marks, scaly spot, and itchy skin. Based on scientific studies, ringworm may be caused by over frequent sweating, barefoot walking on a wet bathroom’s floor, overweight or obesity, showering in a public bathroom and direct contact with a infected animals may also contribute to fungal infection. 

There are, however, many ways to prevent ringworm, for example, do not walk without footwear on a wet floor of public bathroom, do not use public shower, avoid contact with  unhygiene animals and unclean objects, wipe the sweat on the skin and keep it dry.

For the ringworm treatment, you can take lotrimin as a first step. Just apply it on the area infected by ringworm, and do not move too frequently to avoid sweating that can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. If the ringworm is still there or becoming worse, go to clinic to prevent further inconveniences.

5. Relieve itchiness caused by fungi

You cannot blame itchiness solely on fungal infection, but most itchiness may caused by fungi. The good thing is lotrimin can relieve any itchiness.

6. It relieves burning

Sometimes, skin infected by fungi may have burning sensation when scratched carelessly and repeatedly. Avoid scratching the infected area, instead apply lotrimin on it, and left it there unwashed. (See also : Benefits of Purple Shampoo for Hair Health)

Cautions in Using Lotrimin

Based on the detailed description of the product, when using lotrimin user must avoid the eyes area, keep the children away from it, and do not ever swallow it.