7 Surprising Health Benefits of Quitting Social Media

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Social media has pros and cons. It can be fun, however, at the same time it can also be infuriating. It can help you to feel less lonely, however, also triggers feeling of isolation and inadequacy. Spending a lot of time on social media might be one of your routines nowadays, and it is hard to imagine life without it.

Despite the fact that social media can be fun, you still have to consider taking a break from endless scrolling. There’re some health benefits of quitting social media. Your life might be peaceful too. Some of the health benefits are surprising too! Let’s see these 7 surprising health benefits of quitting social media.

  • More Work to be done, Faster Working Pace

Agree or not, most of the time, social media distracts your work. Your device may keep buzzing left and right and as a result, you can’t concentrate on your work. Interestingly, the American Psychological Association estimates that the effort to juggle multiple tasks at once, such as clicking back and forth between Facebook and an important project may reduce your productive time by 40%.

  • Less Creativity is on the Way

Social media habits may reduce your creativity as well. If you spend too much time getting stuck in a creative block or project, then it might have something to do with social media habits. Taking break is the key of an imaginative mind rather than being busy with social media.

By giving up social media entirely, you will be able to rid yourself from those notifications and let your creativity to flow.

Instead of spending too much time on social media, why don’t you try listening to jazz music? Who knows these health benefits of listening to jazz music will boost your creativity?

  • Less Stress

One mental health you can gain from quitting social media is decreased level of anxiety and depression. Quitting social media lets you enjoy the things you have and be grateful of what you have instead of focusing of what you don’t. Indeed, one of the bad impacts of social media is the tendency of people to “compare” others’ life with their life.

By reducing the amount of time spent on social media, you may feel calmer and more focused. There are some other ways to relieve stress just as being mentioned in health benefits of storytelling for mental health stress reliever.

  • Better Sleep

Have you ever experienced scrolling down, browsing, liking and commenting long past your bedtime? Without realizing, when you do it every day, you have spent 15 hours a week just doing social media.

That amount of time could be better if you could spend it by playing with friends, or having “real” interaction with people around you or just sleeping.

We all know that we need around 8 hours of sleep a night. These benefits of sleeping 8 hours a night will surely change your mind to spend time scrolling on your social media!

  • Face-to-face Relationship is Strengthened

No one can deny that social media is an excellent way to keep in touch with old friends or relatives from out of town. However, face-to-face relationships are generally much stronger than those online. Taking a short break from your social media accounts is good so that you can focus more on the real-world interactions. Good relationships are good as they are the most important factors in wellbeing and mental health.

  • You’ll be More Active

When you spend most of the time on your social media, you will sit all day. And we know that it is really dangerous, even as dangerous as smoking. After a long day of work, people commonly use their free time to check social media from a seated position. That’s not a good habit.

Instead of sitting down scrolling down on your social media, it’s better for you to get involved in some healthier activities, such as jogging, shopping and others. Get ready to move by reading these health benefits of exercising in the morning. It’s not only good for your mental, but also your physical.

  • You will be Able to Make Better Decision

Social media influences many people’s beliefs and values a lot. They tend to believe what they read. By removing social media, you will learn on how to think more and make better decisions and choices independently.

Once again, social media is not wrong at all, however, it is more to the way we use it. We need to be wise to use social media and do not let it take you entire life.