Solanum Anguivi Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses (Poison Berry)

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Solanum anguivi, or katunkuma are species of bitterberries indigenous to non-Arid regions of Africa. They grow in shrubs measuring up to 3 metres tall, with prickly stems and edible yellow fruits.

In India, Solanum anguivi are also traditionally used for medicinal purposes, while in in Ivory Coast and Uganda, Solanum anguivi are semi-cultivated and are also widely available in markets. Now, let’s find out what are some of Solanum anguivi health benefits and medicinal uses!

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Solanum Anguivi for Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension is a lifetime medical condition wherein the symptoms of high blood pressure within the arteries rises persistently. Hypertension treatment with Solanum anguivi becomes possible thanks to the polyphenols of the berries that aid the muscle layer of blood vessels so that they relax and automatically regulate symptoms of low blood pressure.

2. Solanum anguivi Heals Certain Skin Conditions

Certain serious skin conditions, such as ringworm and rashes could easily be taken care of with Solanum anguivi. All one needs is to pound the leaves and fruit together and apply the raw mixture into the affected area.

3. Solanum anguivi For Cancer Treatment

Solanum anguivi on itself is an organic fruit that can be used for treating cancer. It delays the multiplication of human cancer cells and aids the overall recovery of patients, with minimum side effects.

4. Solanum anguivi is Rich in Vitamin C Benefits

Solanum anguivi is a renowned plentiful source of vitamin C, which is used for the formation of collagen, repair and maintenance of bodily tissues.

5. Solanum anguivi also Contributes to Weight Loss

It has been recognized for a pretty long time that Solanum anguivi fruits also help in contributing to weight loss over time, thanks to the ability of the components contained inside to interfere with the digestion of lipids.

6. Solanum anguivi is Sugar Free

Interestingly, Solanum anguivi is sugar free, yet very high in energy on the bright side! This has made it to be very suitable to long term effects of type-2 diabetes patients, who have to take strict yet careful measures in controlling their glucose intakes. Therefore, they do not have to worry much about their sources of energy.

7. Solanum anguivi is Useful for Mothers after Labour

Solanum anguivi is also popular for mothers who have just gave birth because they are said to boost milk production and also increase fertility rate at the same time. This could perhaps be the secret to why rural African women could bear so many children.

8. Solanum anguivi is an Analgesic

“Analgesic” is the scientific term for the word “painkiller,” and is used to achieve analgesia, or relief from pain. Analgesics work by dealing directly with the central and peripheral nervous systems.

9. Solanum anguivi Prolongs Lifespan

Who would have thought that Solanum anguivi is also potent in extending one’s lifespan? They do so by diminishing the chances of life-threatening health risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and also preventing diabetes from taking place.

10. Solanum anguivi is Antibacterial

And finally, an antibacterial is an agent that fight, interfere andhalts the growth and distribution of bacteria.

Cautions and Recommendations

One of the main hazards of Solanum anguivi is the alkaloid content ofthe fruit, which is ironic because alkaloids also happen to be one of the mainbenefits of Solanum anguivi! It may also lead to alkaloid poisoning, which isan illness associated with excess consumption of any type of green vegetableover an extended period of time.