Natural Health Benefits of Indian Madder (Rubia cordifolia)

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The Indian madder is a plant in which the roots are utilized for the making of medicines. This plant, which has the scientific Latin name “Rubia cordifolia” is of the same family with coffee, Rubiaceae. Since ages ago, Indian red madder is also used as a dye because of an organic compound present inside the roots named Alizarin.

At the same time, the roots are also present in Ayurvedic healing culture, in which it is referred to as Manjistha or simply just Manjith. The Indian madder plant itself is also rather controversial, because it is rather dangerous to be consumed orally, but some people just do it anyway. Through this article, we will find out about the truth behind that controversy and of course the health benefits Indian madder.

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Information About the Indian Madder

The Indian madder measures 1.5 metres high, with evergreen leaves measuring 5-10 cm by 2-3 cm. In the meantime, the flowers are so small, measuring only 3-5 mm wide, with faded yellow petals. The roots, which sees the most uses can be almost as high as the plant itself at 1 m with 12 mm of thickness.

The Indian madder or the Rubia cordifolia provides red dye that is popular for use in Asia, Europe and Africa. The colour of dye that is extracted from the Indian madder is referred to as the Rose madder.

In Indian Ayurvedic culture, the madder is named as the manjistha or simply the manjith. In Tibetan medicinal culture, it is known as btsod. Whereas in traditional Chinese medicine, the madder is labeled as qian cao gen.

What are its Health Benefits?

Here are the health benefits of Indian madder:

  1. Indian Madder is an Anti-Inflammatory

Just like the health benefits arnica, the Indian madder is an anti-inflammatory, in fact a powerful one that is effective in treating inflammatory associated with arthritis or any other forms of joint pains. It is important for inflammation to be stopped because inflammation is an early stage of most diseases. If inflammation is not taken care of early, then chances are one is very likely to get really ill.

  1. Indian Madder is an Immunomodulator

An immunomodulator is a chemical agent that alters and modifies the response or functioning of the immune system. Immunomodulators prevent autoimmune diseases as well as inflammations.

  1. Indian Madder Treats Urolithiasis

Indian madder treats urolithiasis, which is no other than kidney stones. Indeed, it also treats other forms of bladder diseases as well. This is so because Indian madder contains ruberythric acid, which is a substance that tones down calcium plus magnesium, and the formation of bladder stones in the long run. At the same time, Indian madder is a good antispasmodic agent, which allows kidney stones to pass through the urinary system with eased pain.

  1. Indian Madder is also Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

There are many health benefits of Indian madder – Indian madder also has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since 2 millenniums ago. It is used for the treatment for cold deficiency of the spleen and stomach, also as a red dye. 

  1. Indian Madder Heals Jaundice

One original function of the Indian madder is for treating jaundice. Jaundice is a discolouration of the skin, mucus membranes and the white parts of the eyeballs into yellow caused by excess bilirubin in the blood.

The physical characteristics of a person with jaundice include light-coloured stools, yellow discolouration of the skin, mucus membranes and the white part of eyeballs, dark urine as well as slight rashes. Jaundice can happen mostly due to liver-related diseases, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, thalassemia as well as malaria.

  1. Indian Madder Increases White Blood Cell Deposits

Indian madder increases the deposits of white blood cells or leukocytes. It also has the ability to treat leukopenia. Leukopenia is a deficit in the amount of white blood cells found within the blood system, which makes the patient to be more prone to infections.

  1. Indian Madder is a Powerful Substance to Stop Diarrhea

Modern studies found out that animals that are fed with madder root has diarrhea healed faster and better. Diarrhea, as we know it is a frequent need of the urge to do boweling, in which the stool is characterized as loose and watery. Diarrhea, although it may automatically heal in the count of days is still uncomfortable for its sufferers.

  1. Indian Madder Helps to Stop Cough

This type of madder helps to stop cough because it is a natural expectorant that reacts very quickly. An expectorant is a medicine that promotes the release of sputum by the air passages. A sputum is a mixture of saliva and mucus formed in the respiratory tract, such as phlegm. This is why expectorant is very effective in treating coughs. 

  1. Indian Madder is Good for Sensitive Skin

Indian madder root is also good for sensitive skin in terms of treating acne. All one needs to do is to take 100 grams of madder root powder, and combine it with 50 grams each of orange peel, turmeric, and sandalwood in order to make a paste. Apply that paste on the skin and let it dry before washing it off.

  1. Indian Madder Halts Bleeding, whether it is Internal or External

Indian madder halts bleeding, whether it is internal or external. Internally, it stops nose bleeds, as how it is used since centuries ago. Likewise, in terms of external bleeding, it can cure chronic skin wounds by making it dry quickly.

Advices on the Indian Madder

Indian madder is likely to be unsafe when consumed orally, because the chemicals it contains may provoke cancer. Simultaneously, it may also cause body fluids, such as saliva, urine, sweat, tears or even mother’s milk to turn red. Oral consumption of madder is especially prohibited for pregnant women, because it may cause menstrual cycle to start again and therefore a miscarriage, or at least birth defects.

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