8 Astounding Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Powder

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Dandelion root, which is answerable for most of the plant’s restorative properties, is best collected in June, July, and August when most bitter. Leaves can be picked whenever, but are more delicious in the spring when youthful and delicate. 

They are a great expansion to plates of mixed greens either raw or softly blanched and can be dealt with like spinach — seasoned, boiled, and filled in as a vegetable.

The dried leaves are utilized in stomach-related beverages and natural teas, the dried root makes a great espresso substitute, and the blossoms can be utilized to make wine or lager.

In this article, we will be focusing more on the health benefits of dandelion root powder. So, without further ado, let us check this out.

List of Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Powder

  1. Keeps the Intestinal Tract Healthy 

The dandelion root powder is wealthy in sugar inulin, a sort of solvent fiber that upholds the growth of healthy microbes in the digestive system. You might also be interested in the health benefits of Mesclun salad.

  1. Kills Cancer Cells 

Curiously, a few examinations show dandelion root powder might be valuable in the prevention and therapy of cancer. Read also, the benefits of tempeh for cancer

For example, a recent report out of the University of Windsor in Canada treated skin cancer cells with dandelion extract and found that it started killing off cancer cells within only 48 hours of treatment. 

One more report in Oncotarget showed that dandelion root extract had the chance to kill 95% of colon cancer cells within two days. Another examination has shown that dandelion root powder might support the therapy of leukemia, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. 

  1. Works on Liver Function 

The nutrient-rich dandelion root powder is a decent source of antioxidants, which shield the body from oxidative pressure and harm. Antioxidants work all around the body, yet beta-carotene, specifically, has been displayed to protectively affect the liver. 

Additionally, a particular sugar found in the dandelion root powder has been shown to go about as an antioxidant, shielding the liver from cell harm that can prompt acetaminophen-instigated liver toxicity. 

Also, animal studies propose that dandelion root might forestall diet-related fat amassing in the liver, which can prompt non-alcoholic fatty liver sickness. Speaking of the liver, here are the health benefits of green tea for the liver.

  1. Wealthy in Fiber 

In the same way as other plants, dandelion roots are wealthy in fiber, which is extraordinary for bringing down the danger of coronary illness, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and bowel cancer. Eating fiber can likewise cause you to feel more full, help to digest, and forestall clogging. 

  1. Decreases Cholesterol 

High cholesterol is one of the significant supporters of coronary illness. This waxy substance can develop in the veins, making arteries become solidified and restricted and making it harder for blood to move through. 

Changing your eating regimen is one of the most effortless approaches to forestall high cholesterol. Alongside restricting your admission of processed food sources, including all the more entire food varieties like vegetables and fruits can assist with bringing down cholesterol. 

Dandelion root powder has likewise been shown to decrease cholesterol levels. In one review, rabbits were fed with a high cholesterol diet and supplemented with dandelion root. Dandelion root prompted a decrease in total cholesterol, fatty substances, and bad LDL cholesterol as well as an increase in good HDL cholesterol. 

  1. Settles Blood Sugar 

Dandelion root powder has been shown to have anti-diabetic properties like improving insulin emission and affectability and decreasing hyperglycemic events. In one review, enhancing with dandelion root powder altogether diminished fasting blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes. More examination is required, but the glucose balancing out impacts of dandelion root powder are promising. 

  1. Lessens Inflammation 

A few phytochemical compounds in dandelion root powder, for example, sesquiterpene lactones, taraxasterol, and chlorogenic acid have been found to apply anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Inflammation has been connected to everything from chronic disease to intellectual capacity, so monitoring it ought to be a need for everybody. 

  1. Wealthy in Antioxidants 

Free radicals are intensifying the structure in your body because of things like pressure, contamination, and a horrible eating routine. Over the long haul, the collection of free radicals can prompt cell harm and chronic sickness. Antioxidants can assist with killing these unsafe compounds and have been shown to lessen the danger of conditions like coronary illness and cancer. 

Studies show that dandelion root powder is particularly high in antioxidants which might represent its numerous potential medical advantages.

So, those are the health benefits of dandelion root powder. While you are at it, make sure to also check out the health benefits of dandelion root tea and the health benefits of dandelion leaves.