15 Proven Health Benefits of Alternanthera Sessilis

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Alternanthera Sessilis or known as Ponnanganni is an aquatic plant that belongs to amarantheceae family and grown in tropical and subtropical regions. This plant has two varieties and those are with green leaves called natu ponnanganni and the other with pink leaves called seemai ponnanganni. The leaves, roots, stem, flower and all the extract those two varieties of the plant contained same benefits especially for medicinal properties. Indeed, this plant is one of many Medical Plants and Their Benefits You Should Grow in Your Garden

Nutritional Value of Alternanthera Sessilis

It benefits due to some nutrients in it and here are the details:

  • 73 calories of energy
  • 5 grams of protein
  • 1 gram of fat
  • 12 grams of carbohydrate
  • 3 grams of dietary fiber
  • 2 grams of minerals
  • 510 mg of calcium
  • 60 mg of phosphorous
  • 2mg of iron
  • 77% of water.

In addition to the nutrients contained, this plant can be used both internal and external consumption. Some people even consume it as regular diet. The details of Health Benefits of Alternanthera Sessilis are:

  1. Great for nights blindness

This plant has its benefit to improve the vision which is also the best medicine for eye disease. It is very suitable for the person who wants to suffer from night blindness (nyctalopia) by eating the raw of it flower continuously.

  1. Helps full stop piles

Sessilis has a perfect combination with garlic and pepper. You can use those ingredients in a soup which can make the disease condition of piles to full stop. The combination of 25g Sessilis mixed with equal amount of carrots and salt also help to cure piles.

  1. Increases hair growth

For your hair growth, you can apply equal amount of Sessilis extract and Bhringraj (eclipta prostatra) extract on the hair. Those ingredients boiled first, then you can apply it on the hair after the ingredients cool down and it stored in a container just like Health Benefits of Watermelon for Hair Growth

  1. Cures jaundice

For those who has a jaundice, you can try to boil Sessilis leaves extract 20ml with brown sugar and mix it with cow milk. It can help to cure the jaundice if you drink it for a certain period. Except that, it can also cure some diseases as hepatitis, chest cold and also liver disease.

  1. Regulates nervous system

Sessilis also known to improve the sleep condition which is including in nervous system. This nervous system will be regulated and it will help you to make sure that the sleep condition well functioned. The other benefits are to cure many nerve diseases, improves the memory power and will relax the eye and brain.

  1. Improves breast milk

For those who has a baby, breastfeeding the baby is the most important thing to do that makes the baby healthy. The mothers can cook Sessilis and the soft stem helps increase the breast milk for the baby. It can also maintain the health of the liver just like Health Benefits of Eating Beef Liver

  1. Cures headache

The dried leaves of Sessilis has also its benefit for health. You can inhale the powder of the dried leaves and it will reduce the headache and dizziness. The leaves’ extract is also useful to stop vomiting and reduce nausea.

  1. Enhances energy level

Sessilis juice mixed with cow’s or goat’s milk is the way you can try in order to strengthen the body. The other combination you can try is a teaspoon of the extract Sessilis leaves with coconut oil. Consumes it every day in the morning and it will enhance energy level of the body.

  1. Reduces body heat

Boiled at low flame equal amount of Sessilis extract with gingelly oil and 20g of licorice, and also water lily and cumin seeds, then grinded all with cow’s milk. That is the medicine therapy to reduce the body heat and useful for hair growth if you apply it on your hair 4 days once. It also can reduce fever, body pain, leg pain, headache, eye irritation and stomach pain.

  1. Liver care

Except to cure liver disease, the Health Benefits of Alternanthera Sessilis is also to care the liver. In india, some people used it as cholagogue which is useful to stimulate the bile flow or it is kind of gastrointestinal agent. The bile itself produced in the liver as an emulsifying agent which helps the digestion of fats.

  1. Prevents cancer

One that causes cancer is due to the toxins present in the body. Sesselis has the benefit to remove the toxin and it will prevent us from cancer.

  1. Cure irritation during urination

Some of us may have irritation during urination and the way you can try to cure it by mixing the roots of Sessilis with extract butter milk and 2ltr of buffalo’s milk.

  1. Cures asthma

Asthma is a disease which is occur anytime and in a sudden or you can read symptoms of asthma. Try to consume Sessilis juice mixed with one or two garlic cloves and it will cure asthma. The fact is, it is not only can cure asthma but also intermittent fever and continuous cough.

  1. Helps to gain weight

For those who are underweight, try to consume Sessilis leaves mixed with cooked tuvar dhal and ghee. Why should dal and ghee? Dal also used in various soup because of it higher protein than other plants. And ghee is a butter which is contained much of fat and when those two combined then it may you gain your weight.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Except to gain weight, it also can lose your weight with a combination of Sessilis with pepper. You can consume it with warm rice regularly or you can read another weight loss treatments

Those are 15 Alternanthera Sessilis Health Benefits with tips on some ingredients that you can use in combination with the plant. However, there are still more benefits in it. In some countries, it used for some different treatments. Consume it regularly as you need and you may have a healthy body.