5 Great Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil You Need to Know

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As mentioned in the benefits of Lemon Seed oil, Lemon is a small tree species native to Asia. Lemon fruit is used for cooking and non-cooking purposes around the world, especially its juice which has culinary benefits and as a cleaning agent.

Lemon juice usually contains 5% to 6% of citric acid which gives it a sour taste. The exact origin of the lemon is not known, although it is thought that it was first grown in Assam (an area in northeast India), northern Burma.

A study on the genetic origins of lemons reports that this plant is thought to be a cross-breeding of bitter oranges with citron. Lemon entered Europe near southern Italy in the first century AD, during Ancient Rome.

However, in the Roman era lemon was not widely cultivated, and then it spread to Persia and then to Iraq and Egypt around 700 AD. Lemon was first recorded in literature in a 10th century Arabic treatise on agriculture, and was also used as an ornamental plant in gardens during early Islam.

As mentioned in benefits of Lemongrass, lemon is a type of citrus fruit that has an impact on human health. This citrus fruit can be processed into essential oils which have many uses.

Most people process lemons into essential oil by pressing on the lemon peel, not the fruit in it. This is because lemon peels contain the most dense nutrients.

Lemon oil is a natural ingredient used in traditional medicine and health care. It’s believed to treat various skin problems and some symptoms of ailments.

Lemon oil has long been used as a natural ingredient for aromatherapy and traditional healing of several other symptoms. This is commonly believed because lemons contain various natural ingredients and nutrients. Here’s some examples of its benefits :

Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

1. Relieving Sickness

One of the benefits of lemon essential oil that most people use is to relieve nausea, especially in pregnant women. Having the smell of lemon essential oil, or having the benefits of Lemon Peel water, may greatly help them to face the sickness routine.

This is evidenced by a 2014 study of pregnant women who inhaled the scent of lemon as aromatherapy. In the study, 100 pregnant women were randomly assigned who often felt nausea to vomiting.

The participants were then divided into two groups, namely the intervention group and the control group. The intervention group inhaled lemon essential oil as soon as they felt nauseous. Meanwhile, the control group inhaled a placebo, which is empty oil that has no content.

As a result, there were quite drastic differences between the control and intervention groups. Pregnant women who were in the intervention group said they felt less nauseous and vomited.

2. Relieves Indigestion

For those of you who experience stomach pain or constipation, lemon oil can be a solution to your problem. A natural and convenient way to relieve this problem.

In 2009, there was a study on the effects of using lemon essential oil in food on stomach health. The researchers used mice to see whether giving lemon oil had an effect or not.

As a result, lemon essential oil can actually help reduce gastritis symptoms. This is done by reducing injury to the lining of the stomach and protecting the digestive organs.

However, there is no research that states how safe lemon oil is when consumed by humans. Don’t try it at home.

Another digestive health benefit of lemon oil is that it relieves symptoms of constipation. This was proven through a trial which lasted 10 days. During the trial period, the elderly participants received massage with lemon oil. The massage they get is mostly on the lower abdomen.

Apparently, the massage made them easier to defecate. The effects of this natural medicine lasted for up to two weeks after the study ended.

3. Treating Respiratory Problems

Apart from being antimicrobial and antioxidant, lemon essential oil is also anti-inflammatory. Therefore, lemon is included in essential oils which have benefits for overcoming respiratory problems and boosting immunity.

Not only that, but lemon oil can stimulate lymphatic drainage. This lymphatic drainage by lemon can help reduce swollen lymph nodes. That way, the potential for fluid buildup is reduced, so that the cough problem will subside, just like the health benefits of Peppermint oil.

4. Internal Organs Protector

Lemon essential oil is believed to protect internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys, due to the use of aspirin. It’s one of the painkillers and anti-clotting drugs.

That claim is backed up by a 2016 study that tested rats and lemon essential oil. Rats that became experimental animals suffered liver and kidney damage due to the use of high doses of aspirin.

After being given several times, lemon oil was found to reduce oxidative levels and damage to both organs. This is because lemon oil contains antioxidants that help to trap free radicals to stop attacking organs.

5. Maintaining Skin

Various essential oils give a huge line of benefits for treating a healthy skin, like the benefits of Olive oil. Lemon essential oil also does the same. 

Apart from being good for pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, another benefit of lemon oil is that it can maintain the health of your skin.

The antioxidant properties of lemon oil help reduce tissue damage to the skin caused by free radicals. In addition, lemon is also believed to have anti-aging properties that make the skin firmer and younger.

As published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine about the antimicrobial properties of essential oils, lemon is one of the oils that can help treat skin problems. It is stated that lemon essential oil is quite helpful for various skin problems including insect bites, blisters, inflammation, oily skin, and cuts.