11 Benefits of Scorpion Venom You Must Know

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scorpionOne of the animals most feared by humans for having a deadly poison is the scorpion. Scorpions are animals on earth. This animal is an arachnid class predator. Often in dry areas. Scorpions survive by removing the venom that exists on the tail. In the world, there are several types of scorpions that have different venom. Some only cause swelling but also there can cause death.

However, recent research has found some species of scorpion that have venom that can treat various diseases. What diseases can be treated with scorpion venom? Here’s the explanation for you!

  1. as a pain reliever

This is one study published in 2013 ago. Based on research found on the toxicity of scorpion can be used as a remover of the human body. Read more: health benefits of papaya leaves

  1. fly in heart transplant surgery

Furthermore, scorpion venom is also used in heart transplant surgery. This operation is often performed in patients with a history of heart disease. Although not all patients should have a heart transplant surgery, this surgery will be the ultimate solution for heart disease medicine. The usefulness of venom in a heart transplant is to reduce the risk of failure when transplantation occurs.

  1. Being a natural pesticide

Scorpion venom can also be used as a natural pesticide. Surely this pesticide is more environmentally friendly than the chemical pesticides made by the factory. Because it contains toxins, then all types of pests that exist in the plant will die.

  1. Drugs for lupus drugs

Symptoms of lupus is a disease associated with antibodies. Antibodies should attack the disease from the outside, so the body will remain healthy. However, in lupus patients, the antibodies attack themselves. This error attacks some of the complications of the lupus organ. To treat it, usually, patients should be routinely taking medication and control to a doctor who is a little. However, nowadays has been found scorpions venom can also be used as a lupus drug.

  1. It is a drug of rheumatoid arthritis

How it works from scorpion venom in rheumatoid arthritis disease with bone loss cancer. Thus the disease of rheumatoid arthritis can be treated naturally. Or try health benefits of basil

  1. For cancer drugs

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. not infrequently, cancer patients will lead to death. Therefore, cancer is the most difficult disease to find the cure. But, now scientists have found the venom on the scorpion can also be used as a cure for cancer. Surely this drug is safer than a chemical drug. The side effects can also be less than the chemical drugs. Read more: benefits of aromatherapy for cancer patients

  1. Prevent the failure of venous grafts

This is a finding from the University of Leeds. On the scorpion, there is a venom called margatoxin. Margatoxin is what can help the medical team to prevent failure during the vein transplant process.

  1. Clean the tumor

To overcome the existing tumor in the body, usually, the doctor will lift it through surgery. But not infrequently there are tumor cells that are still left in the patient’s body. This can solve the tumor alone. But now it has been found the benefits of scorpion venom to cleanse tumors in the human body. Researchers use the synthetic material as auxiliary iodine to clean tumor cells left behind after surgery.

  1. Prevent heart bypass failure

The purpose of the heart bypass is surgery performed to increase blood flow to the heart. Researchers in the UK found venom on scorpions to help prevent heart bypass. Because, while doing a heart bypass, the failure may happen.

  1. Helps to treat cancer patients

Patients with cancer must get intensive care. Starting from the type of drug till what they eat. Researchers from the University of Washington found fluorescent attached to natural toxins such as scorpions that can help treat cancer.

  1. Prevent malaria

Malaria is a disease commonly found in endemic areas. In 2011, researchers from the University of Maryland found the right drug to eliminate malaria, namely by scorpion venom. Read more: health benefits of soursop leaves


Not all scorpion venom is useful. Only from a few species. And this research is still in development stage until now.