Health Benefits of Jaffa Cakes – Daily Healthy Snacking

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Keeping our body healthy and strong will always be a responsibility of each person in the world. However, each person has his or her own way to reach an ideal life with the strong and healthy body. Some people believe that their healthy body will be reached by a gym training. Alongside with doing gym, people also love to search for new innovations related to the food they eat.

They also do diet and eat the recommended foods suggested by scientists who seem to have a never-ending research on healthy food. Let us take the Guyabano Leaves as the example. This herb can help us to get some health benefits as you can read on Health Benefits of Guyabano Leaves Tea.

Until today, many people believe that being strong and healthy means sacrificing yourself to survive on a diet which forces you to eat unpleasant foods and drinks such as the healthy juices. However, have you ever realized that there have been many foods we can eat for the sake of our body’s strength that is very delicious? If you are looking for that, the Jaffa Cakes is the answer.

As you heard the name, you may not believe that such cake can give a strength, because most of the cakes even cause obesity and diabetes. However, by reading these following passages, you will not even wonder how powerful the health benefits of Jaffa Cakes are.

Nutrients of Jaffa Cakes

Before we get to the explanation on the ingredients that can give you the health benefits of Jaffa Cakes, knowing when, where and how this cake is coming to you today is a good idea though. Jaffa Cakes was firstly introduced by McVitie and Price in over 50 years ago, it happened in 1927 exactly. Before it finally named Jaffa Cakes, it was previously named as Jaffa oranges that they sold in the United Kingdom before finally it is distributed to all regions in the world.

After 85 years from its first appearance within the stores, the Jaffa Cakes finally ranked as the best selling cake or biscuit in the UK. How could it be so? Well, if you see how this cake looks like, no one can reject this cake. This cake actually has simple ingredients as follows:

  • Chocolate
  • Jam

There are various flavors of jam, they are orange as the main one, strawberry, lemon and lime and blackcurrant.

  • Sponge cake

However, with that simple ingredient, this delicious cake can have many nutrients that can give you the health benefits of Jaffa Cake. These following points are the nutrients contained in each of the piece (12g). Read: Health Benefits of Sponge Cake

  • 45 Calories
  • 5 Protein
  • 4 Carbohydrate
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 Fibre
  • 0 Alcohol

Those previous points are the nutrients contained in Jaffa Cakes that can give you some health benefits of Jaffa Cakes. Nonetheless, it seems like the Jaffa Cakes still look like other cake, huh? Hence, let us discuss how the Jaffa Cakes can be very powerful four our body strength. Read: Health Benefits of Fish Cake

First of all, if you are a football lover, you must not be strange with Manchester United, right? Manchester United is the one that brings up the Jaffa Cakes as one of the best selling cakes in the world. During the 1990s to 2000s, Manchester United did a very great job with a big win percentage among other football teams. 

For many years, a lot of people wondering what the hell do the MU players have to gain such skills? Were they practicing for 22 hours a day? Or even more? Well, one day, they finally revealed one of their secrets in keeping themselves healthy and strong in the field, it is the Jaffa Cakes.

The Jaffa Cakes is trusted as the Manchester United’s energy boost that the players eat on the training days. It is told by McClair that the players eat three pieces of Jaffa Cakes while they are in the rest-time in the game. For a daily consumption, the players will eat five pieces of Jaffa Cakes in the training days.

There have also been many people see the English footballers who eat Jaffa Cakes during the game to keep their energy boosted in a quick way. Since that day, many people believe that there are many health benefits of Jaffa Cakes that can be made for the body strength. Read: Health Benefits of Bean Cake

Nonetheless, the most important nutrition of Jaffa Cakes that make the athlete’s energy boosted is the carbohydrate. Since it is shaped in a small size which we can bring everywhere, the Jaffa Cake can be effective to be eaten quickly and boost your energy fast. That is why it can be that beneficial for the athletes during the game or during the training games. Therefore, many people buy this cake to be brought at work or school, to keep them full before the lunch or dinner. Read: Health Benefits of Fruitcake

Cautions of Jaffa Cakes

Despite the fact you will get some health benefits of Jaffa cakes as a great solution to make you feel full and boost your strength and energy at times, Jaffa Cakes are nearly the same as other cakes. It was actually made to be a snack, not to be such strength booster.

In addition, you also need to note that Jaffa Cakes is made of chocolate and various flavors of jam. It means this cake contains a big ingredient of sugar and calories. Therefore, if you are eating the Jaffa Cakes too much while you do nothing in front of your desk, it is also possible that you will have diabetes, obesity, or such disease made by over-consumption of sugar and calories.

Meanwhile, another thing you should note if you want to get the health benefits of Jaffa Cakes is that the dosage that the Manchester United have during the games and the training is the dosage of the athletes. If you are an athlete, you can eat them that much, but if you are not an athlete, it will be better if you prevent that much consumption of Jaffa Cakes. Stay calm and keep being healthy!