Worthy Health Benefits of Babybel Cheese – Nutrition Value

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Are you the ones who love to consume cheese? Then, how about babybel cheese, have you tried one? Or perhaps it is the first time for you to hear that name. Well, the babybel cheese is a brand name which refers to delicious-small snack made from cheese. It can be enjoyed with the various flavors which are packed individually.

Babybel cheese is already produced since 1952 by ‘The Bel Group, France’. Then according to New York Times article, babybel cheese is also started to produce since 1970 in the United States, specifically in Kentucky.

The silky, light and delicious taste makes the babybel cheese is favored by many people, especially for cheese lovers. Not just because of the taste, babybel which is made from 100% cheese also can be enjoyed by everyone and everywhere.

If you are curious about the babybel cheese, then you don’t have to think twice because you won’t just get the tasty snack but you also can get a lot of benefits from eating the babybel cheese. For your information, the nutritional content of babybel cheese is very complex as you can see below:

Nutritional content of babybel cheese per pcs (22 grams)

  • Energy 68 kcal
  •  Protein 5.1 gr
  • Sugar: Below 0.5 gr
  • Fat 5.3 gr
  • Carbohydrate 4.6 gr
  • Fibre
  • Alcohol
  • Mineral

Those all contents must be important and absolutely beneficial for health. So, what are the health benefits of babybel cheese that you can obtain? Check this out!

  1. Strengthen Teeth and Bones

Of course, as the health benefits of cheese, the babybel cheese which is originally made from milk contains a high calcium mineral needed by the teeth and bones in order to get stronger. So, it is perfect for you if you want to strengthen your teeth and prevent any tooth decay, then also to strengthen the bones and keep all bones damage away.

2. Helps to Optimize the Brain Function

Did you believe that the babybel cheese is able to optimize the function of your brain? Yeah, as you know that babybel cheese is rich of protein which is good to nourish the brain.

The brain requires adequate intake of cheese and fatty protein. Fat contains an important substance that the brain needs called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). DHA comes from omega 3 is good for maintaining brain health in old age. Besides eating the babybel cheese, you also can get the health benefits of Tempe.

3. Prevents the Risk of Heart Disease

A new study in Europe states that eating cheese in the long term will help reduce the risk of heart disease. The content of babybel cheese such as calcium, protein, and probiotics can improve the health system and create an indirect reaction that will help improve heart health.

So, if you want to have a healthy heart and avoid any heart disease such as heart attack symptoms and etc. You must try to consume cheese regularly from now on.

4. Prevents the Risk of Stroke Attack

Not only heart diseases but consuming cheese is also able to make you spared from the stroke attack. This is also supported by a research which states that cheese can lower the risk of stroke attack until 10% by consuming it regularly.

5. Helps to Fight the Bad Cholesterol

There is a research which shows that people who routinely consume cheese can avoid from the bad cholesterol. These results may appear to be contrary to intuition because cheese contains high saturated fats, which have previously been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. But researchers believe that calcium in cheese helps boost good cholesterol while lowering your bad cholesterol.

6. Improves Mood 

Amino acids contained in cheese is usually called tyrosine, it is able to reduce stress and trigger dopamine response. Taking tyrosine in high doses can lower the level of depression. So, if you are in a bad mood, try to consume babybel cheese. Besides you get a tasty snack, you also can improve your mood to be better.

7. Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease of bone loss, mainly due to calcium deficiency, resulting in decreased bone density. Especially this is seen in women who experience menopause, parents and children who suffer from malnutrition. This porous bone disease can be treated with protein, calcium, and vitamins.

Calcium maybe will not help much, because the problem of calcium absorption still requires the role of other nutrients for bone formation. And many mutually supportive nutrients are found in cheese. So, cheese can be an ideal part of the osteoporosis diet.

8. Weight Gain

Cheese is a very good food to gain weight, suitable for skinny people who want to fat. This is because cheese is full of protein, fat, calcium, vitamins and minerals. You need protein for muscle, fat for fat, calcium for heavier and stronger bones, and vitamins and minerals for better metabolism. You just need to eat lots of cheese, do the exercises and sleep well.

Even though babybel cheese is able to bring a lot of health benefits for us, but we should be wise, do not be consumed in excessive amounts, especially for the ones who have hypertension disease.

Sodium and cholesterol are the two main elements considered dangerous for hypertension, and hypertensive patients are advised to avoid it. The content of fat in the cheese is very dependent on the quality of raw materials of milk. Full of fat or full cream, low fat or fat-free.

In general, cheese is high in fat. But low-fat cheese is also introduced to the market. So you have to be picky where cheese is lower in fat. Although the sodium content of cheese varies according to the amount of salt added to milk before cheese formation, it is never nevertheless as low as recommended for hypertensive patients, since salt is an inevitable part of the cheese. So, in general, cheese cannot be recommended for people with hypertension.

However, low-sodium and low-fat cheeses greatly help reduce Homocysteine, an agent often associated with heart disease. However, it has not been able to make it recommended for people with hypertension. Another thing in cheese that can help people with hypertension is vitamin B content.

Well, that’s the information about health benefits of babybel cheese. Hopefully, it will be useful for you. Thanks for reading!