5 Proven Health Benefits of Dried Pineapple

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Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is very popular especially among the tropical countries, like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Australia. Not only that, because this bright yellow fruit also provides us with many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that promote digestion, relieve stomach acid, reduce inflammation, and help break down animal protein, just like benefits of dried carrots.

The fruit tastes really sweet and sourly refreshing and can be processed into a variety of delicious foods and drinks. It is very common as well, so you can easily find it in the market, it’s available throughout the year. The price is very affordable, as well as being the best choice of fruit, especially for people who live in tropical regions.

Many of us have eaten pineapple to absorb the benefits that present within this yellow spiky fruit. Pineapple is indeed very popular with its very tempting taste that makes most of them consume this fruit for their health.

It’s also a wonderful piece of nature, since you can turn the pineapples into so many things, including juice, chips, and salad.

Not only that, now pineapple fruit can also be used as dried pineapple sweets that can spoil your tongue, you can consume them practically and instantly without having to bother making them first. Becoming a tasty healthy snack, like benefits of dried strawberry.

The benefits of dried pineapple for health are so many and one of them is caused by the high vitamin C content in it, other than the antioxidants and collagen which is always needed by the body to enhance a stronger body durability and beauty look..

According to medical studies, regular consumption of dried pineapple can help protect the body from scurvy (failure to form osteoid due to collagen dysfunction). In order to know better, here’s the full benefits of dried pineapples :

1. Enhances Immune System

100 grams of dried pineapple contains about 47.8 or about 80% of the vitamin C the body needs. This makes pineapple one of the richest and tastiest sources of ascorbic acid aside from the other exotic fruits like benefits of dried kiwi.

Pineapple is believed to increase the body’s immunity because it has a high vitamin C content in it, which is a nutrient to increase the body’s immune system by stimulating the activity of white blood cells as well as antioxidants.

2. Good Source of Collagen

Collagen is an important and main source of protein in the body needed by blood vessels, skin, bones and other organs. To help collagen work, it takes an adequate supply of vitamin C.

So as not to cause an impact in the form of disease for the body. Therefore, pineapple is the right choice because it has a high vitamin C content.

Basically, eating dried pineapples as a snack would be satisfactory in the taste, and you can, at the same time, maintain your beauty skin. Is there any better and enjoyable way to do it?

3. Supports Digestive System

In order for smooth digestion, the body needs an abundance of fiber and good nutritional content inside. In this case, dried pineapple is one of the many types of fruits like benefits of dried figs, that are filling those characters for both rich in fiber and nutrition to highly support your digestion..

It is not surprising that eating dried pineapple regularly has been proven to prevent the body from various dangerous digestive disorders, like constipation, diarrhea, colon disorders, to atherosclerosis or blood clots.

4. Smoothen Blood Circulation

The benefits of the dried pineapples are still related to blood, namely to improve blood circulation, with rich contains of mineral copper, a substance that is important in various enzymatic reactions and compounds in the body.

In addition, copper minerals are also an important element in the process of forming healthy red blood cells, so you can be protected from various diseases caused by clogged blood streams like stroke and heart attack.

5. Makes Your Skin Smoother

The following benefits of dried pineapple are certainly not only useful for women, because many men also want them. Some of the benefits that are highly useful for facial skin are removing acne, beautifying, and brightening it.

Again, the vitamin C content in dried pineapples plays an important role in supporting this property besides the bromelain, an anti-inflammatory agent that can improve the healing process for acne prone skin that can also be found in benefits of dried cherry.

The effect of dried pineapple on women is also a lot, both its benefits and side effects of pineapple. Among them, this fruit is good for increasing female fertility and encouraging you to get pregnant quickly.

The antioxidants of this fruit are also good for face and skin masks, and it’s useful in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which will make the skin brighter, fresher, and more beautiful.


Although both fresh and dried pineapple are useful for increasing female fertility, you should avoid consuming this fruit during pregnancy. Pineapple side effects for pregnant women can cause miscarriage, which surely a thing nobody wants.

There are a number of enzymes in this fruit that can actually increase uterine contractions, especially during early pregnancy and this could result in a very bad situation for pregnant women.

Although pineapple anti-inflammatory is very good for dealing with swelling and arthritis, too much consumption of this fruit can also make your disease worse, that’s why you should limit the consumption