Best Benefits of Bambino Vermicelli for Your Body Health

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Have you ever tried bambino vermicelli? This is a kind of vermicelli product that can be used to make several types of items like pulav, upma, and kheer. It is also being used to make soups and other non-vegetarian dishes. Moreover, it is known that vermicelli has great benefits for body health. Then, if you are curious about this, check the benefits of bambino vermicelli below.

1. Source of Carbohydrates

The first benefit of bambino vermicelli is a way to provide the source of carbohydrate. In fact, by consuming a 100g serving of Bambino Vermicelli, you can get 87% carbohydrates. Then, carbohydrates in vermicelli can help you to boost metabolism and promote body energy. You can also check on Health Benefits of Japanese Yam (Source of Carbohydrate)

2. Source of Protein

Protein in Bambino vermicelli can help you to promote body function. In this case, you can get 11% proteins by consuming a 100g serving of Bambino Vermicelli. As a result, protein in the body will help to regenerate new cells as well as promoting the muscle mass. You can also check on Health Benefits of Porcupine Meat – High Protein Source

3. Source of Fiber

As Bambino vermicelli is made of wheat flour, then it contains source of fiber. Indeed, fiber is the one that plays a role in maintaining healthy digestion. This nutrient helps to prevent digestive problems like constipation, bloating and vomiting. It also helps to promote healthy gut as well. Then, if you want to have a healthy digestion system, it is recommended to consume other fiber foods such as green vegetables and fruit daily.

4. Source of Iron

Another benefit of bambino vermicelli is a way to provide iron source. You will get 25 mg or iron which is 2 %of the daily need for women and 3% of the daily need for men. As a consequence, it is known that iron will help to promote the hemoglobin formation in the body. Not only for that, iron has a role in transporting the oxygen from one cell body to other cells. You can also check on Surprising Benefits of Eggplant for Anemia #Iron Source

5. Source of Zinc

It turns out that bambino vermicelli has the source of zinc. Then, this mineral contributes to strengthening the immunity system as well as promoting the development of new cells in the body. Moreover, zinc also beneficial to promote brain function.

After knowing the benefits of bambino vermicelli, you can find out the tips for consuming this food below.

Tips for Consuming Bambino Vermicelli

  • If you want to consume bambino vermicelli, it is such a best way to add healthy vegetables like carrots, capsicum, peas, etc. Also, you may need to use a healthier oil option like cold pressed coconut oil or olive oil
  • Next, having it a part of the meal along with a green salad or smoothie is a good way to go.
  • For the tips, you can add vegetables such as onions and thinly sliced carrots. Also, adding beans and potatoes, and nuts like peanuts or cashews for an added crunch can be a delicious thing for sure.
  • Then, for the seasoning, you can have mustard seeds, and curry leaves. Having these with some cumin seeds, chopped fresh ginger and opt for coriander leaves is good for sauteeing.

As a conclusion, bambino vermicelli is good food you can choose. However, take a note that you need to have a healthy meal for sure. In this case, you should consume vermicelli with the addition of fruits and vegetables, which tend to be low calorie. Thus, you can have such a nutritious meal and promote a healthy body then.