Benefits of Gellan Gum, Is it Healthy or Not?

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gellan gumDo you know gellan gum? Gellan gum is a soluble fiber produced by a bacterium called Sphingomonas elodea. These bacteria are usually obtained from lactose or glucose. And an undigested carbohydrate.

Use of health benefits of gellan gum is commonly used to thicken foods such as dairy products, jams, and sauces. This product contains glucose, rhamnose, and glucuronic acid.

Gellan gum, not only serves as a thickener. But gellan gum also has health effects such as:

  1. Purgative

For those of you who are suffering from constipation like benefits of bay leaves, you can consume gellan gum to overcome it. Because of gellan gum capable of functioning as a laxative with a mild effect. Not only that, this product can also increase the stool.

  1. Lowering cholesterol levels

Another benefit is to lower cholesterol levels. So it is suitable for those of you who suffer from high cholesterol. Based on research, consuming gellan gum can reduce cholesterol up to 10%

  1. Lowering blood sugar

For people with types of diabetes or high blood sugar, this is good news. Therefore, gellan gum is believed to be able to treat high levels of sugar.

In addition, to beneficial to health, gellan gum is also useful for other things, such as:

  1. Used in the cuisine menu

Because gellan gum is able to produce a unique texture such as thick, usually this product is used for cooking. Especially the dessert like health benefits of green grapes that is easily liquid texture.

  1. For vegetarian recipes

Another benefit is for vegetarian recipes in list health benefits vegetarian. Vegetable products such as kefir require additional stabilizers such as gellan gum. The goal is to avoid separation of product components. 

Side Effects of Gellan Gum

Indeed, you may need to consider to the gellan gum side effects. There are various benefits of gellan gum but eating it in excessive amount can cause you bad effect for your body, because consuming gellan gum can make your feses bigger. That is, nutrients are not absorbed perfectly through the intestine, resulting in many nutrients wasted through the feces. This can happen because the intestine is already irritated.

In addition, the feces are no longer soft. But it is sharper that can hurt the walls it passes. The osmosis process also does not occur if you consume gellan gum. Where the stool will be resorbed so that the waste is a really unnecessary content of the body. But this will not happen with gellan gum. This is what makes your fecal size bigger than ever.

The effect of unabsorbed nutrients is that your body will become a nutritional deficiency. Of course, this will have a bad effect on your health both short and long-term. The kidneys who are supposed to work optimally also will not do the job. Because it does not get a signal from your colon.

Therefore, based on the many studies that have been done you should stop consuming health benefits of gellan gum. Or a product that contains gellan gum to a more secure and natural product. Although once gellan gum can provide benefits to your body, now it will not happen again. In fact, your body will lose balance through a metabolic process that is not maximal.