13 Unknown Health Benefits of Reishi Coffee for Body

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There are many great health benefits of reishi coffee. Reishi coffee is made of reishi mushrooms, which is called lingzhi in China. Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) is a herbal medicine that has been used for more than 4000 years.

In ancient time, reishi mushrooms were consumed as herbal tea. Now, in modern time, reishi mushrooms are packed as the more convenient and more palatable instant coffee, which still carry all the health benefits of the reishi mushrooms.

In China, reishi is believed to have more health benefits than ginseng. Thousands years ago, only China Emperors were allowed to consume reishi, which was believed to bring immortality. Of course, the mushrooms don’t offer immortality ; but in time when modern medicines were not available, reishi was often called “King of all Herbals: or “Miraculous Herbal King”.

Nutritional Facts

To understand why reishi coffee (or mushrooms) has so many health benefits, let us see the table below.


% Daily Value (based on 2000 Kkal)


Amount (mg/100 g coffee)
Vitamin B217,10
Vitamin B13,49
Vitamin B60,71
Magnesium1.030 mg
Phosphorus4.150 mg
Potassium3.590 mg
Sodium735 mg

Moreover, reishi mushrooms contain more than 200 activated substances, such as polysaccharides, germanium, adenosin, terpenoid, ganoderic acid, etc. Reishi coffee also contains caffeine, but much lower than tea and coffee, which makes it safer to be consumed everyday.

After seeing the nutritional facts, no wonder reishi coffee has somany health benefits. It is very rich in vitamin Bs, minerals and protein.

1. Prevents Diabetes

Reishi coffee can reduce risks of diabetes. There are 20 studies done all over the world, indicating that reishi coffee reduces risks of type-2 diabetes up to 50 percents. Scientists assumed the cause is chlorogenic acid in reishi coffee, which acts by slowing down sugar absorption in intestines.

Chlorogenic acid also stimulates forming of GLP-1, a chemical substance that increases insulin (a hormone that controls sugar absorption from blood to body cells). Another substance is trigonelin (pro-vitamin B3), also assumed helping slow down glucose absorption. Click here to learn more about diabetes.

2. Reduce Cancer Risks

Reishi coffee is known to reduce cancer risks, thanks to its flavonoid substances. Consistent researches showed that drinking reishi coffee regularly can reduce the risks of liver, breasts and colon cancers. Moreover, reishi coffee contains just the right amount of caffeine to fight free radicals, which is known to cause cancers. Click here to see symptoms of colon cancer.

3. Maintains Healthy Liver

Reishi mushrooms has been used since ancient time to treat hepatitis and cirrhosis. So, drinking reishi coffee can help maintain healthy liver.

4. Maintains Healthy Neural System

Reishi coffee contains antioxidants, which helps preventing neural cell damages associated with Parkinson. Caffeine inhibits inflammaton of the brain, which is often linked with Alzheimer.

A study involving 4.197 women and 2.820 men in France showed that drinking atleast 3 cups of reishi coffee per day can inhibits decreased cognitive function caused by aging up to 33% in women. But, the same benefit wasn’t found in men, probably because women are more sensitive to caffeine.

A study in Arizona University found the health benefit of reishi coffee of increasing memory in university students. Students who drink reishi coffee before facing tests shows better marks than those who don’t drink reishi coffee.

5. Reduces Risks of Heart Disease and Stroke

A study in 83.000 women aged above 24 years old showed those who drink 2-3 cups of reishi coffee has 19% lower risks of getting stroke compared with those who don’t drink reishi coffee. A study involving a number of men in Finland showed the same result.

6. Generates Stamina

Reishi Coffee contains vitamin Bs and caffeine, which are important to break energy. Caffeine competes with adenosin (a substance in brain which makes people asleep).

Caffeine inverts all adenosin effects, so the body dooesn’t feel sleepy, but feel more fresh, a little bit more happy, higher heart rate, higher blood pressure, muscles contraction, and liver will release sugar into the blood for making energy. This is why energy drinks usually contain caffeine. Click here to read causes of sleepy in the morning.

7. Prevents Gall Bladder Stones

Another health benefits of reishi coffee is preventing gall bladder stones. Gall bladder stones accumulate when mucus in gall bladder traps cholesterol crystals. Xanthine, which is found in reishi mushroom, will reduce the mucus and the risks of accumulating it. 2 cups or more of reishi coffee will help this process.

8. Reduces Headache

Reishi Coffee can reduce headache, thanks to its caffeine content. Caffeine is known as mild analgesic. Mild migraine patients can get this health benefit by drinking strong reishi coffee (for example, make it into espresso).

9. Breath Reliever in Asthma Patients

Caffeine contained in reishi coffee is known as breath reliever in asthma patients. Caffeine works as bronchodilator. Hot coffee also comfort the chill during rainy season / autumn / winter. When the feeling is relaxed, asthma attacks become less frequent. Thus, asthma patients are recommended to drink 2-3 cups of reishi coffee per day.

10. Prevents Teeth Caries

Caffeine contained in reishi coffee prevents caries because it has antibacteria and anti-sticking activity, thus keeping caries bacteria away. Reishi coffee is also high in calcium, which promotes better teeth density.

11. Prevents Osteoporosis

The same effect like teeth, reishi coffe has health benefit of preventing osteoporosis. Women who drink 2 cups of reishi coffee per day can reduce the risks of getting osteoporosis later in life. Click here to learn how to prevent osteoporosis naturally with exercise.

Beauty Benefits

Health benefits of reishi coffee for beauty treatments:

12. Overcomes Cellulites

Another health benefits of reishi coffee is overcoming cellulites. Cellulites appear because of layered fat tissue pressing against epidermis tissue which has broken borders. The skin surface looks wavy like orange peels. Cellulites can be caused by not drinking enough water, rarely doing sports, digestive problem / constipation, stress, pollution, etc.

To get rid of cellulites, just follow these steps:

  • Prepare 2 cups of pure reishi coffee powder (without any additives, such as sugar and powdered cream), 1/2 cup sea salt, and 2-3 teaspoons massage oil (can be olive oil or baby oil).
  • Mix all ingredients, smear it on cellulites area, and massage in circular motions for 5 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

Reishi Coffee for Reproductive Benefits

Here are the health benefits of reishi coffee for reproductive:

13. Increases Spermatozoa Quality

Reishi coffee can increase spermatozoa quality. In a journal of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, it is said that there is a study done by a group of scientists, saying that men who drink a cup of reishi coffee every morning has spermatozoa which swim much faster than men who never drink reishi coffee.

These scientists investigated 750 men who wanted to do vasectomy and divided them into 4 groups based on the amount of reishi coffee they consumed:

  • not drinking reishi coffee at all, mild coffee drinker (1-3 cups per day), moderate coffee drinker (4-6 cups per day) and heavy coffee drinker (more than 6 cups per day).
  • The research used 100 ml cups.
  • The result is, those who consumed reishi coffee regularly everyday had much better sperm quality than those who didn’t drink coffee at all.
  • Caffeine in reishi coffee helps the sperm movement, making them swim faster. This is especially helpful for repairing spermatozoa sample in IVF process.