Health Benefits of Senna Fistulas Laxative

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Sennais a plant from tropical and sub-tropical countries. Previously, Senna was aCassia species. However, lately many plants of the Cassia species have changedtheir name to Senna. This plant is a short shrub with yellow flowers.

Thisplant is widely used as a traditional medicine in Thailand like healthbenefits kunyit asam. Senna has an active laxative component calledanthraquinone glycosides. So do not be surprised, if this plant is better knownas the most effective natural laxative. Among the most frequently usedtraditional medicines are children and pregnant women. Because the laxativeeffect is light and safe for them.

Besides,the health benefits of Senna laxative fistulas can be used as:

  • Treat intestinal disorders

known as a laxative,in fact, Senna has another benefit that you need to know, namely its ability totreat disorders of the intestine. The intestine is a very important digestiveorgan. Because if your intestines are healthy, then your body will also behealthy. Read also: Healthbenefits of banana leaves

  • Treat inflammation

that occurs in thebody can be cured with various alternative treatments. One recommendedtreatment is with the Senna plant. Senna has anti-inflammatory properties so itis effective in treating inflammation

  • Relieve pain

also has antipyreticproperties such as pain medications that you can get easily at drug stores.

  • As an analgesic

the benefit that youcan get through the health benefits of Senna laxative fistulas is theiranalgesic properties. Related article: Healthbenefits of tamales

  • Fight skin diseases

literature states thatthis plant can fight various kinds of skin disease problems. So, if you are askin disease sufferer, you can include Senna as an alternative treatment thatyou can take

  • Good for diabetics

occurs because of thefailure of the hormone insulin in controlling blood sugar. So that blood sugarbecomes high. High blood sugar in the human body is very dangerous if nottreated properly. Diabetics are advised to treat it with Senna. Read also: Healthbenefits apple leaves

  • Treat liver problems

the benefit that canbe felt with Senna treatment is to treat liver problems. The liver is an importantorgan in the human body that functions to filter toxins so as not to harm thehuman body

  • As a rheumatic medicine

The sufferers can be happy because now you can add to the list of alternative treatments you can do, namely with Senna

  • Tuberculosis gland medication

you can also use theSenna plant as a cure for tuberculosis. You must read this: Healthbenefits of bitter ginger

Thehealth benefits of Senna fistulas laxatives do provide many benefits forhumans. However, if you decide to take medication using this plant, you shouldalso consult a doctor. Because it is feared that the content that is in Sennais contrary to the drug you are taking. Or, you need a certain dose if you useSenna as traditional medicine