20 Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Men and Females

Lung cancer is the type of cancer that basically caused by the mutation in the DNA.So, when the cells divide, they will also form the identical cells, so that it enables the body to renew itself. But, when there is the contaminants that could stimulate the cancer like smoke, the cells will begin to grow […]

45 Symptoms of Bone Cancer Generally and From 6 Types

Generally, bone cancer any 2 types. They are secondary and primary bone cancer. Secondary bone cancer is a cancer of the bone caused by cancer cells derived from other organs and spread (metastasize) to the bone, such as lung cancer that spread to the bone. The types of cancer most common and can spread to […]

16 Symptoms of Colon Cancer in Men and Women

The colorectal cancer or commonly called as the colon cancer is the type of cancer that starts in the colon or rectum, which is in the large intestines. This cancer commonly starts as the small polyps. In the most cases, the polyps may be benign, but some of them will develop as the cancerous cells. […]

38 Best Ways How to Prevent Cancer Naturally With Foods and Habits

How to Prevent Cancers ? all around the world will ask this question from know internet ? critical for himself, family, and lovely one. We bet that everyone of you want to stay healthy during the entire time of our life. But, there is no doubt that various of hazardous diseases could attack you at any […]