Potential Benefits of Salt Therapy for Eczema Treatment

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Salt is a natural ingredient which has been known for its huge benefits in traditional medication. There are many kinds of health treatment method which occupy salt as the main element in the medication. One of them is salt therapy.

It is a drug-free natural therapy involving dry salt. This therapy is known to be very beneficial for skin as it improves skin health and get rid of skin problems such as eczema. Therefore, we can find out the more benefits of salt therapy for eczema treatment.

Salt therapy or also known as halo therapy is popular in Europe since hundreds of years ago. In the beginning of this trend, people just simply go to natural salt cave and mine around Eastern Europe as a remedy for their respiratory problem. But later, people found that people who go to natural salt cave or mine have better skin complexion. It means that salt therapy brings benefits for skin health.

The Value from Salt Therapy

Salt therapy used to be associated by sitting in a salt cave to gain the health benefits of natural salt for respiratory system and skin health. But today, the idea of salt therapy has been brought to a modern style spa-like therapy session. Not only offers the physical benefits, it also supports relaxation purpose or mental health of the patient. So, what kind of value that we can get from salt therapy or halotherapy?

An expert of plastic surgery, Dr. R. Richard Leinhardt stated that the benefits of salt therapy related to the sodium chloride is essential for our body’s physiology to eliminate toxins. A certain research showed that  Himalayan salt can emit negative ion when you inhale the natural salt. This way, salt can stimulate our body in excreting toxins. In addition, salt has been known for its excellent anti-bacterial substance. Therefore, no wonder if salt is very good to deal with skin problems such as eczema and give the benefits of salt therapy for eczema treatment.

The Benefits of Salt Therapy for Eczema Treatment

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is one of the common skin problems. It is a condition where you can find reddish patches on your dry skin. It is rough and sometimes very itchy. The more serious condition, it may be inflamed and blistered. If talk about the main factors of eczema, it might be varied, such as food allergy, pollen, or bacteria. However, one of the recent popular treatment for eczema is salt therapy.

Here are the benefits of salt therapy for eczema treatment.

  1. Exfoliate skin

Salt therapy can act as natural skin exfoliate. Skin exfoliation is needed during the treatment for eczema. It is because shedding the skin dead cell helps promote the production of new healthy cell. It will effectively reduce the patches and bring back the healthy skin. This way, exfoliation is important to boost the recovery from eczema.

  1. Promote healthy oil production

One of the factors causing eczema is the extremely dry skin. Not only the initial condition of people skin, dry skin may also be influenced by some factors such as weather, temperature, nutrition, and the use of skincare product. Those factors sometimes take away our natural oil and enhance the possibility of eczema.  

  1. Moisturize skin

Salt therapy is very good in enhancing skin moisture. Moisture is needed during the eczema treatment as it will reduce the severity of an outbreak from eczema. Therefore, besides gaining moisture as one of the benefits of salt therapy for eczema treatment, you can also apply some natural ingredients to restore skin moisture. For instance, you can apply the Benefits of Red Grapes for Skin Health and Beauty or Benefits of Cabbage for Skin Treatment.

  1. Relieve itching

One of the most annoying symptoms of eczema is itching. In this case, salt therapy can relieve the itching. The relieved itching means that we can reduce the risk of the patches to be scratched. As we know, scratch will only worsen the patch and delay the recovery process.

  1. Anti-bacterial property

Salt is known to be one of the naturals ingredients with anti-bacterial property. This quality enable salt in fighting the bacteria as one of the causing factors of eczema. Eliminating the bacteria means to boost the recovery process of the eczema. You can also take benefits from the Health Benefits of Duhat Leaves.

  1. Ease the stinging sensation

If you have the severe eczema, sometimes the contact between skin and water feels terrible. In this case, salt offers the remedy for it. Salt can not only reduce the itching, but also reduce the stinging sensation from the contact with water or air. Or else, you can also have the Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin You Must Know!

The other benefits of salt therapy for eczema treatment are:

  1. Boost metabolism
  2. Promote toxins excretion
  3. Add skin complexion
  4. Protect skin from infection

 The Recommendation in Going on Salt Therapy

Long ago, people going on salt cave to get the benefits of salt therapy. But today, people can choose some of the methods as the recommendation in gaining the benefits of salt therapy for eczema treatment. The first, you can simply relax in salt-covered room. It resembles the concept of natural salt cave.

However, in this special room, a burst of ionized salt particles is sprayed all over the room every few moments. It makes sure that we get the benefits of salt by either inhale and apply the beneficial salt. This kind of therapy is good both for skin and respiratory system.

The second recommendation of salt therapy involves the common method we can see at any beauty and health salon. If the previous method employs a room, this method mainly employ bed. In this method, we just need to lie on a bed with plastic dome coverage for our body, just like the tanning machine. But instead of skin coloring, the pharmaceutical grade salt will be pumped all over the body in this coverage. The machine called halo generator.  Of course, we need to be completely naked to get the optimal benefits from the salt.

Or else, you can also have the salt therapy at home. You just need to add a cup of table salt, Epsom salt or Himalayan salt in your bath. Or else, you can also get the Health Benefits of Korean Bamboo Salt for Medication. Make sure that you use the lukewarm water and soak in  the bath for about 10 minutes to let the salt water absorbed well by your skin.

Some experts including Ellen Patrick from the salt therapy and spa stated that this therapy is holistic and completely safe, without any side effect