Amazing Benefits of Balinese Boreh

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balinese borehCaring for body health there are many ways. One of them is to come to the spa and do body treatments. Usually, the products offered are traditional products that are safe for the body. In addition to safe, the benefits provided by traditional herbs are also many. One of the products in the spa is the benefits of Balinese Boreh.

In Bali, there is a so-called Boreh. Boreh is a traditional medicine made from cinnamon, clove, ginger, rice powder, and other spices. Typically, this herb is used by farmers to relieve fatigue in muscles. The trick is to smooth all the ingredients then smear it on the necessary parts.

Currently, the herb is one of the ingredients you can find in the spa. The benefits they can offer through this herb is to relieve aches, pains, and muscle aches.


The main ingredient used in this herb is ginger in benefits of ginger and honey with lemon. Ginger mixed with other spices to produce good benefits for the body. The combination of ginger and other spices that exist in Boreh is believed to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle aching pain.

In addition, ginger also helps the body to perform detoxification. The body needs detoxification to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the body. Because if left alone, will bring various kinds of dangerous diseases. Another benefit of ginger in this herb is to stimulate digestion. A good digestion will have a good effect on your overall health as well.

Another ingredient in this herb is rice. This rice is called Boreh. Besides health benefits of rice, there are benefits cloves health and benefits of cinnamon. Cloves are an excellent natural disinfectant. While natural cinnamon and aromatic in this herb can warm the body and improve blood circulation to be smooth.

Because of its good benefits to the body, it is no wonder that Boreh’s demand is always on the rise in Spa centers. Therefore, consumers have directly effects given by this traditional herb.

How to make

If you do not have much time to come to the spa or want to save money, you can make a Boreh potion at home. The way is easy enough.

  1. First, prepare all the ingredients described above. Then puree to form a paste
  2. After that, apply on the required parts such as stomach, back, hands, and feet
  3. Let it traditional herbs for 15 minutes in order to maximize its efficacy into your body
  4. If it is, clean it with clean and cold water
  5. Then use the special oil to massage the part that has been smeared Boreh. For maximum results, do massage throughout the body


Not only the benefits of Balinese Boreh alone can you make as a traditional medicine. However, you also need to maintain a diet and exercise regularly so that the circulation in your blood becomes smooth in health benefits cardamom. That way your body will become healthier