5 Health Benefits of Kacip Fatimah For Every Women’s Needs

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Herbal medicines are still on demand thanks to its natural substance which doesn’t damage your kidneys on a long term. The same can be said to Labisia pumila, better known as kacip fatimah. Specifically beneficial for women, you can find many health benefits of kacip fatimah from its entire plant.

That is correct: Nothing is wasted from kacip fatima. The leaves can be picked and boiled, then made into a tea. Furthermore, the same leaves can also be made as a rub paste for your skin. As for the roots and stems, they are processed in order to make herbal pill. Therefore, it is extremely recommended for you to plant some, if possible.
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But then, how many health benefits of kacip fatimah that you can get? Here are five among them.

One of the health benefits of kacip fatimah is relieving gas problems

Intestinal gas, belching, and bloating are the common symptoms of gas problems. To help relieve the symptom, simply drink a cup of kacip fatimah tea twice per day, which contains anti-latulence . All you need to do is to boil 2 – 3 kacip fatimah leaves to 500 ml of water, or use a kacip fatimah tea bag available on your local market/drugstore.

Second, it can strengthen your hair

The very same tea made from kacip fatimah can also strengthen your hair. In fact, it’s also very effective for preventing future hair damage. To apply the herbal medicine, mix a thicker kacip fatimah tea at around 1.5 tablespoon to a tablespoon of your regular shampoo. Then, use the mixture whenever you take a shower, at least once per two days.

Third, it contains a hefty amount of estrogen

One of the best health benefits of kacip fatimah for women comes during post-childbirth, menstruation cycle, and menopause. The lack amount of estrogen hormone produced during these periods will cause physical pain, depression, and mood swing, as well as osteoporosis once you’ve reached menopause.
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The good thing is, kacip fatimah is a natural source of estrogen hormone, thanks to its phyto-estrogen substance found within the plant. You can either drink a cup of kacip fatimah tea twice per day or consume a daily intake of its extract for about 300 to 500 mg to gain the much-needed estrogen.

Fourth, it reduces pancreatic diseases and treats diabetes

Elder folks and herbal medicine enthusiasts often say about kacip fatimah being able to treat diabetes melitus. To find out the truth, a scientific research was conducted by injecting kacip fatimah’s substance to a male lab rat.

The result shows that the rate of pancreatic diseases is reduced due to the increased anti-oxidant enzymes inside the organ. At the same time, the injection also increases in-vitro glucose uptake, thus reducing the risk of diabetes melitus. With that being said, you can gain both health benefits of kacip fatimah by either drinking the tea or consuming the extract pill. You may also find about about 9 Improving Benefits Zobo Drink for Fertility

And finally, it improves your genital health and activity

The extract of kacip fatimah is also very beneficial for your reproductive system. It strengthen the vagina wall and tightens it thanks to the aforementioned phyto-estrogen substance used as your natural estrogen hormone intake.

Not surprisingly, this particular benefit can help women who have undergone childbirth. By regenerating the damaged vagina tissues while giving the same benefits above, kacip fatimah can return the vagina to its pre-childbirth state.

While on the topic of vagina, kacip fatimah also works as an aphrodisiac. This helps women with low libido to improve their sexual drive. You may also find about about Health Benefits of Goron Tula – The Amazing Wonder Fruit of Fertility

With all the health benefits of kacip fatimah being said though, there is one crucial thing you should take note. You may consume it in whatever for you like, however you like, but please do not consume it during lactation and pregnancy. Also, do not consume it for more than 500 mg because it may lead to overdose.