21 Benefits of Egg Yolk for Beauty and Baby (# Proven)

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It’s hard to believe that an egg yolk good for body. It’s been proven by a science. The egg yolk contains a chemical compound that body needed. Egg yolk been used to skin care for a long time. And it’s still effective. An egg yolk also has a function related to skin scuffled and promise beauty as ever. That’s why people always discovering the power of these egg yolk.

Recently, many people may enjoy using this natural ingredient in home as they like. For example, you can use this egg yolk to make a mask. But if you don’t have any time, you can use just by put in on your body. It’s so simple. Egg yolk benefit to make skin or hair clear, how to use is simple too as ABC. This ingredient is affordable cheap and mostly available is your kitchen or cabinet.

Nutrient in egg yolk

An egg yolk is contains lot of nutrients that keep your hair or body stay healthy. The vitamin A, D, and E are exist in amount inside the egg yolk. This vitamin determine protection from UV or pollution. Another vitamin is vitamin A and E may stimulate in avoiding hair thinning. The vitamin D contributes in maintaining the hair texture and health.

Treatment using an egg yolk has able to strengthen skin or hair. Another result is makes silkier and manageable. The egg yolk nutrient make your thing become lustrous and softly. It’s also has role in moisturizing both in your hair and skin. The result using an egg yolk to treatment is hydrates hair becomes less breakage. Egg yolk contains many nutrient that helpful for your body. This is the chemical compound inside egg yolk.

Benefits of egg yolk for hair

Egg yolk has good effect on hair, and it’s science. And egg yolk provide lecithin that work emulsify with water. So, exactly an egg yolk makes your hair incredibly clean as ever.

  1. Strengthen your hair. You can found any hair product in the market, or you can just stay in your home. Egg yolk usually using as home remedy related to hair conditions. An egg yolk is not only useful when eaten, but egg yolk can be used on the hair and resulted stronger hair. The egg yolk protein helps to strengthen hair.
  2. As moisturizer. Egg yolk has a specialization which is penetrate to the follicle of hair. It also moisturizes hair, including damaged and dry hair. This ingredient has a natural treatment for those hair conditions. Egg yolk is high in fat, and roled as natural moisturizers. Make egg yolk is natural way to moisturize dry hair.
  3. Prevent hair lost. The vitamin which has effect on prevent hair loss is vitamin A. This vitamin might found in the egg yolk. Another good effect from egg yolk is stimulate hair growth. Other vitamin is E, and resulted in increasing oxygen supply. Egg yolk also has good effect on improve blood skin circulation.
  4. Hair thickness. An egg yolk mostly contains protein. Protein known has effect on thicken hair and make the hair follicle stronger.
  5. Anti-dandruff. Egg yolk also contains fatty acid. This chemical compound helps to make shiny hair also protect dandruff come out. The other benefits are prevent hair loss and scalp. Egg yolk produces sebum which help avoid dandruff.
  6. Stimulate hair growth. Using egg yolk may enhances growing hair because the protein. Hair formed of 70% protein keratin, than egg yolk will help rebuild damaged hair by fill it. This treatment resulted in strengthen your hair. Eggs yolk contains large of protein which makes good conditioner through protein treatment.

Benefits of egg yolk mask

There is another way to use an egg yolk as home treatment. You can use egg yolk as mask by putting it on your skin.

  1. Glowing skin. An egg yolk mostly made from fat and water which provide the best agent to moisture your skin. Beside moistures skin, egg yolk makes skin more soft and supple. Using this as mask is worth for people with flaky or dry skin. The nutrient also work to nourish dull skin.
  2. get rid of acne. using egg yolk as face mask usually mixed with honey to diminish the smell. An egg yolk contains natural antibacterial that could fight acne.
  3. reduce blackhead. to remove a blackhead, egg yolk usually mixed with lemon and honey. This ingredient will help you to reduce acne and blackhead. Other benefit is moisturize your skin. You can make this masker with mi them all.
  4. Nourishing. Open the egg with cracking it then separate the egg yolk between egg white. Egg yolk just not only help moisturize and nourish skin, but egg yolk might help to reduce blemishes appearance.
  5. aging skin.  for someone who suffer from premature aging and line, using an egg yolk is the right way. Egg yolk provides the best action to cure this problem. And the result is skin soft and skin look youthful.
  6. skin care regimen. another result that you can get rom egg yolk is maintaining healthy skin. Besides that, egg yolk makes your hair strong and essential to grow.

Benefits of egg yolk on face

Egg yolk also benefit if applied on face. The application on face may resulted acne treatment and other skin disorder. Dealing with acne exactly hurt your confidence. You can try to hide acne in every way, but home remedy is the best. Egg yolk may use as facial mask on your face. The treatment like this was usually used in many countries. If you never use this as treatment, first you may feel silly. To use egg yolk on face, this ingredient usually combined with other homemade material like mayonnaise or vinegar. This combine has a function to reduce the smell of egg yolk. This home remedy has a good result like shining your hair or face.

Benefits of egg yolk for babies

An egg particularly is one of top allergen. Most pediatric agree that egg yolk is good for baby to eat, especially baby around 8 months. It’s different with egg white because this stuff may prohibited in baby under 1 year of age. Some studies said that some baby have infant with egg yolk, and mostly after reach age 5 the infant usually diminish by itself.

Egg yolk contains high nutrition and also has important part of diet. For the children, egg yolk can supply nutrient in brain development because it’s compound like iron, cholesterol, and choline. Egg yolk provides cholesterol that needed to stimulate mental development from the sulfur inside egg yolk. The omega-3 inside the egg yolk may found same as mother’s milk.

The fatty acid and amino acid are essential for brain development. Using an egg yolk routinely may result to speak at early age for children. But, is better if this not include the egg white. There are some goodness from egg yolk for babies.

  1. Cholesterol. This is the essential part in nerves in the brain. Besides that, egg yolk also essential for nervous system. Cholesterol improving of bile acid also produce many hormones in baby’s body. A baby’s brain growing rapidly at this stage and it’s important to make sure your baby get enough cholesterol.
  2. Choline. Choline also essential nutrient for development of brain. An egg yolk existed B-complex called choline and associated with neurological function and prevent inflammation. One of the function of choline is stimulate the sensation of happiness. It works by breaking bethane that usually used in methylation cycle than produces happiness hormone such as dopamine, serotonin, and other.
  3. Lutein and zeaxanthin. Another chemical compound that leads to goodness is lutein and zeaxanthin. This compound play as good as protecting related vision loss. So, taking an egg yolk slowly prevented the baby get low vision.
  4. Sulfur. An egg yolk contains high sulfur. Sulfur is a chemical which helps related to liver function. A sulfur also needed to produce keratin and collagen in the body. These nutrients helping to maintain skin and hair, also strong nails.

Benefits of egg yolk hair mask

Egg yolk will not only help your hair healthier, shinier, and softer. This ingredient also help your hair growing long as well. Egg yolk contains rich protein, fatty acid, and any type of vitamin. That’s why egg yolk is play important thing to our hair. The vitamin that existed inside egg yolk is vitamin A, and E, will help to prevent hair loss and hair thicken. While vitamin D stimulates new hair growth. Below here are the benefits egg yolk

  1. Soften and strengthen hair. The egg yolk should be contained olive oil. This compound is ideal to apply for damaged hair. Olive oil will also strengthening your hair color and also maintaining the hair texture.
  2. Revitalizing dry hair. The ultimate benefit having mask is that the mask will helps in revitalize any dull and dry hair. An egg yolk have the similar benefit as this. This mask not only make your hair softer but also resulted in shining and manageable hair.
  3. Shining hair. Egg yolk plays as conditioner and offer alternative treatment. As a natural remedy, this ingredient less in side effect. This homemade treatment helps to shine a hair as beautiful.
  4. Tackling hair thinning. To tackle thin hair, egg yolk usually used by combine with lime juice to settle this conditions. This egg yolk treatment will slow down the thinning hair process to a minimum bare. After tackling hair loss, egg yolk stimulates hair growth.
  5. Hair cleaner. Egg yolk may use as shampoo, especially for you who have oily hair. The protein inside the egg yolk works to strengthen the hair and add hair texture. Along with other compound, egg yolk can resulted healthy and shiny hair.

Knowledge to eat egg yolk safely

To use egg yolk as a part of treatment, you can use egg yolk with yogurt, almond oil, and yogurt, and mix them all. Apply this ingredient into your body or hair approximately in 60 minutes. After done, clean it with cool water. Many people know that the egg smell still stingy even after being cleaned. To tackle this smell, you can use extract lemon or orange. You also can use this as final cleaning. Other way is using chamomile tea or rosemary tea. This cleaning won’t only ride of smell but also nourish your hair.

Egg yolk side effect

  • Increasing allergies. If you are some people who have itching allergies, try to avoid using this treatment in any way. Using egg yolk as a treatment may react adversely. Do not take this risk.
  • Atopic disease. Some studies said that egg yolk is prohibited because may affecting in atopic disease. For people who experience this condition, you may not able to take this.
  • Baby under 8 months. Baby at this stage should not introduced with this ingredient. Some research revealed that baby who consume this will absorb the effect of mother’s milk. Please keep in your mind that the egg can be fed to baby after age 1.